10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly unique console that took the gaming world by storm upon its release in 2017. But what if we told you that even though the Nintendo Switch has been on the market for over half a decade, it still holds a lot of secrets that many Switch owners don’t even know it yet?

From secret messages to honking sounds, the Switch is full of Easter eggs that only the most devoted Nintendo fans will know. So if you want to discover all the hidden secrets of the Switch, just keep reading.

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1. Reveal a hidden message in the Pro Controller

How many times have you used the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and didn’t realize it was trying to deliver a secret message to you all the time? No, you didn’t read that wrong. The Pro Controller has a secret message under the right stick.

The message is printed on the controller circuit board. And since the controller has a transparent housing, holding down the right stick and looking at it from the right angle reveals the message.

The message is indeed very secret and therefore quite difficult to see. But with the help of a flashlight and a little squint, you can read the message “THX2 AllGAMEFANS” on the inside of your Pro Controller.

2. Create a secret save file

Many Switch games only allow one save file per user. This is an issue that affects many gamers, but there is an easy way around it that you may not have thought of. By creating another user for yourself, you can completely bypass this problem.

If you regret the starter you chose in Pokémon Sword, but you don’t want to start a whole new game, just create a new user to test another starter Pokémon! Unfortunately, this trick won’t work for games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where you’re limited to one island per console.

3. Using International eShops

Region locks are a problem that many Nintendo gamers face. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you really want a game but can’t get it because it’s not available in your region. Region locks have been present in Nintendo products for a long time, but luckily the Switch has a loophole that you can easily take advantage of to access any region’s eShop.

Just go to the Switch’s Settingsscroll down to Systemand select Region. Select the region of your choice here, agree to the terms and conditions and reboot your console.

You can choose from the following regions:

  • Japan

  • America

  • Europe

  • Australia | New Zealand

  • Hong Kong | Taiwan | South Korea

Your Switch can now access the eShop of any region you’ve chosen so you can grab those elusive international titles.

4. Adjust Airplane Mode

If you saw the Nintendo Switch ad where the actor had fun playing his Switch in table mode on an airplane, you might have been tempted to do the same. You may also have experienced the same confusion as many others when the system informed you that you cannot use wireless controllers while the Switch is in airplane mode.

However, there is a way to adjust your airplane mode settings so that you can still use wireless controllers on the plane. To do this, open Flight mode again after it is activated, select Controller connection (Bluetooth)and enable Bluetooth communication. You can also use this method to enable Wi-Fi and amiibo while your Switch is in Airplane mode.

5. Combine screens with other Nintendo Switch consoles

The Nintendo Switch is perfectly attuned to multiplayer gaming, making it one of the most versatile consoles to use with friends. We all know the multiplayer flexibility of the Joy-Cons, but the console screen itself is also designed to connect with others.

Games like Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo Store), you can modularly connect two Switch screens to increase the total screen size you are working with. Seeing your character seamlessly wander from one Switch screen to another is a very unique experience and worth a try if you ever play with friends.

6. Find Your Lost Joy Cons

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are on the small side. They are, in fact, the perfect size to slip into the abyss between the sofa cushions. If this ever happens to you, there is an easy way to find your missing Nintendo Switch controllers from your system settings.

This handy tip will get your Joy-Cons to vibrate so you can follow the sounds straight to them and reunite with your beloved Switch controllers.

7. Play funny sounds

When you unlock your Nintendo Switch, the system requires you to press the same button three times. While it’s tempting to mash A three times, it’s highly recommended that you play around with a few other buttons to unlock your console.

Each button you press plays a different comical sound, and some of them are sure to make you smile. If you are going to try this trick yourself, make sure to press the ZR button and push the left joystick down.

8. Turn on your TV from the comfort of your home

When you sit down to start a gaming session, you’re probably ready to relax. So if you feel comfortable and realize you haven’t turned on your TV yet, don’t get up! You can actually turn on your TV with your Nintendo Switch, so you don’t have to move a muscle – except to press the Home button on your controller.

9. Adjust your settings to extend battery life

One of the main issues gamers face with a portable console is battery life. Unlike a home console that gets constant power from the outlets in your house, the Nintendo Switch relies on an internal battery.

The Nintendo Switch has an estimated battery life of about four to five hours, depending on the demands of the game you’re playing. If this isn’t enough for you, you can extend your Nintendo Switch’s battery life by simply changing a few settings and taking good care of your battery.

10. Turn your Joy-Con into a lightsaber

Have you ever noticed the little tab at the bottom of the right Joy-Con and wondered what it is? That’s actually an IR sensor. And while not many games make use of this feature, it is quite versatile.

The IR sensor seems to be an all-but-forgotten feature of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. But there are a few games in the eShop that take advantage of it. The IR sensor can become a night vision camera (Nintendo Store), or even a lightsaber, so you can engage in epic battles with a friend using the Nintendo LABO Variety Kit (Nintendo Store).

The Nintendo Switch is full of surprises

Nintendo is consistently praised for its creativity and innovation, and the Nintendo Switch is one of the best examples of this.

Since its launch, Nintendo has been constantly coming up with new exciting features to keep the Switch at the forefront of the console race. This handheld wonder is packed with surprises that make it one of the most interesting and quirky systems on the market.

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