10 Best Disney Animated Movie Duos, Ranked

Disney animated films often have dynamic duos They highlight the unique characteristics of each, but some are better than others. These iconic couples have been instrumental in showing the nuances that every friendship has. Duos are an essential element in Disney animated films because they help elevate the plot and add a layer of complexity to the story. Couples often involve characters with opposite personalities that balance each other out.

Like all great friendships, Disney animated movie duos help each other grow. They provide an opportunity for the characters to learn from each other and work together despite their differences. Having these types of couples in an animated film is a great way to teach younger audiences core themes like friendship, loyalty, and commitment. Duos often allow for character development because each character can explore their own journey while having the support of a friend who wants the best for them. Disney’s animated film duos prove that sometimes, two is better than one.

10 lilo and stitch

From: Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Lilo and Stitch’s friendship is an excellent example of how misfits can make the best couples. Lilo is a lonely outcast who doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere, while Stitch is an excitable blue alien who fled the Galactic Federation. On paper, the friendship between a young woman and an alien shouldn’t work. However, Lilo and Stitch’s friendship works because their differences complement each other. The duo’s friendship is based on the need for a deep connection that they both lack. The couple embarks on a series of adventures that not only consolidate their bond but show that you can choose your family.

9 Yzma and Kronk

From: The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

At her core, Yzma is a lonely woman who, despite her villainous acts, seeks a deeper connection. Her relationship with Kronk is an integral part of it. The two often argue and fight, but at the end of it all, Kronk remains loyal to Yzma. Although it seems that Kronk is more of an errand boy than a friend, his willingness to stay by his side shows that Their relationship is much deeper than that of an employer and an employee.. Kronk has a no-nonsense personality and can sometimes lack common sense, while Yzma is power-hungry and vain. The two opposite personalities are what makes this duo special.

8 Moana and Maui

From: Moana (2016)

Moana and Maui standing on a beach and looking ahead at Moana

Moana and Maui’s friendship is not without its ups and downs. Maui thinks too much of himself and Moana is a selfless teenager who wants to save the village from her. Her opposite personalities often lead the duo to clash. Despite their differences, Moana and Maui work together to restore Tefiti’s heart. Maui teaches Moana how to trust herself and be strong, while Moana helps Maui redeem himself. Maui and Moana’s partnership stands out because the duo brings out the best in each other. Their partnership shows that we all need a little help sometimes and that it’s okay to be vulnerable.

7 Nick and Judy

From: Zootopia (2016)

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps’ partnership is one of the many reasons they make zootopia What a great animated film. Judy is a do-gooder who believes in following the law, while Nick believes that the law is more of a suggestion than something to be followed. Although they initially start out on opposite ends, their friendship gradually grows and they develop a strong bond. As they embark on an adventure to save Zootopia, Judy and Nick learn to trust each other and learn from each other.. The duo prove that friendship and love can transcend anything, including prejudice.

6 Genie and Aladdin

From: Aladdin (1992)

Genie and Aladdin hugging in Aladdin

When Aladdin entered the Cave of Wonders and freed Genie from the lamp, he had no idea that Genie would be one of the most important parts of his life. Aladdin and Genie don’t start out as friends. Genie is simply there to fulfill Aladdin’s wishes. However, as they interact more, Their relationship becomes a deeper bond.. Genie teaches Aladdin to trust himself, and Aladdin shows him that she cares about him when she frees him from the lamp. The dynamic duo is a fun couple whose interactions are a lesson in love, friendship, loyalty, and trust.

5 Marlin and Dory

From: Finding Nemo (2003)

Dory and Marlin have one of the best Disney friendships. Dory has a short-term memory that can sometimes get on Marlin’s nerves, while Marlin tends to be controlling. When the pair come together to save Marlin’s son, they begin to form a genuine bond. Dory and Marlin go through a lot together during their adventures. They narrowly survive a shark attack, are swallowed by a whale, and swim in jellyfish-infested waters. Throughout all his adventures, Their friendship grows stronger as the two learn more about each other.. Dory teaches Marlin to be freer-spirited, and Dory’s memory improves thanks to Marlin’s friendship.

4 Woody and Buzz

From: Toy Story (1995)

Buzz carries Woody while flying in Toy Story

Woody and Buzz Lightyear formed the most unlikely friendship in history. toy story. Woody was one of Andy’s oldest and favorite toys and then Buzz came along and knocked him out of first place. Woody, of course, is jealous that Andy is more interested in Buzz than him. This jealousy causes Woody and Buzz to become enemies. Even though their friendship got off on the wrong foot, Woody and Buzz learn to value and trust each other. Woody is calm and a great leader, while Buzz can sometimes be immature and annoying. However, when they come together, They form one of the most unbreakable bonds. in the film.

3 Mike and Sulley

From: Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Mike and Sulley surrounded by other monster workers at Monsters Inc.

Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan, aka Sully, are the most adorable duo in all of Pixar. Combining Mike and Sulley’s best traits results in an iconic and memorable duo. As the two embark on an adventure to bring Boo home, they learn to be kind and compassionate, and learn the importance of teamwork. Mike and Sulley’s friendship is a testament to how teamwork can make the dream work. The two could have opposite personalities., but they put them aside to achieve a much more important objective. Mike and Sulley each bring something unique to their friendship that is essential to their character growth.

2 Lumière and Cogsworth

From: Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Lumière and Cogsworth

For a dynamic duo to work, It is important that the characters have a common goal that brings them together.. For Beauty and the BeastThey are Lumiere and Cogsworth, that goal is to make Belle fall in love with the Beast so that everyone trapped in the house can return to their original form. Lumiere is charismatic and hospitable, while Cogsworth is uptight and wants things done by the rules. Even though the duo always argue, they have each other’s best interests at heart. Their bond is evident when they stand side by side and fight off the villagers who try to invade the haunted castle.

1 Timon and Pumbaa

From: The Lion King (1994)

Timon and Pumbaa’s famous philosophy, “Hakuna Matata,” is an apt presentation of their carefree friendship. Timon and Pumbaa are the funniest duo featured in a Disney animated film. They take advantage of each other’s strengths and enjoy life to the fullest. The duo use their opposite personalities to add humor to the film while teaching valuable lessons about friendship and the simplicity of taking life one day at a time. Unlike some of the duos in Disney’s animated films, Timon and Pumbaa do not argue. They don’t take each other for granted. They love and support each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

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