10 Deadpool moments that show he’s much smarter than he lets on

deadpool He has a reputation for being a bit airheaded. A skilled fighter, a near-immortal mutant, and an antihero with a heart of gold, no doubt… but an empty head. This idea of ​​him comes from his overly joking manner and the fact that he can find humor even in decidedly serious topics like murder and mutilation (even if he is a victim of either). Additionally, Deadpool is known to operate with ‘cartoon logic’ depending on the story, which automatically makes him less serious in the eyes of fans, which correlates with his aforementioned airheaded reputation.

While Deadpool is guilty of everything that might make people think he’s not too bright and, in fact, seemingly crazy, this idea of ​​him couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, Deadpool doesn’t take most aspects of life seriously, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid. If anything, his airheadedness is a ploy to catch his opponents or targets off guard, tricking them into underestimating him, thus giving him the upper hand in any conflict. Although in addition to fooling people with the fake stupidity of him, Deadpool is also a master tactician with a host of other abilities that only further demonstrate the wide spectrum of intelligence of him. In fact, there are 10 particular moments within Marvel Comics that prove, without a doubt, that Deadpool is actually much smarter than he lets on.

10 Deadpool kills the entire Marvel Universe, outsmarting everyone to do it

Deadpool kills the Marvel universe by Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic

The Marvel Universe contains some of the smartest and most powerful people in all of comic book fiction, and Deadpool once killed every single one of them. People like Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and even Doctor Doom fell to Deadpool after he decided it was time for them all to die. Obviously, people like this weren’t going to roll over and let Deadpool kill them, meaning Deadpool had to outsmart these super geniuses to claim the gruesome victory from him.

Of course, Deadpool has never had more indestructible plot armor than in Deadpool kills the Marvel universebut he still managed a series of crazy kills using only his tactical intellect.

9 Deadpool knows ASL

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0 by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli

American Sign Language is a complete, organized visual language that uses hand signs, facial expressions, and mouth movements, and Deadpool is fluent in it. This was revealed when Deadpool was on a mission with Hawkeye, who is partially deaf. In fact, Deadpool even lifted his mask to expose his mouth in order to use ASL properly and better communicate with Hawkeye.

Learning another language is an immediate sign of intelligence, and Deadpool demonstrated this by speaking ASL fluently.

8 Deadpool surpasses Wolverine’s villain Romulus

Wolverine: Origins #45 by Daniel Way and Doug Braithwaite

Romulus is Wolverine’s ultimate villain, as he planned and maneuvered in such a way that he was able to control virtually every aspect of Wolverine’s life, leading Logan toward a grand sinister plan. In fact, Romulus knows Wolverine so well that any plan Logan would have come up with to fight him would have been easily countered. That’s why Wolverine had to go to the only person who could come up with a plan that no one could figure out to trick Romulus into a vulnerable spot. And the man Wolverine turned to was none other than Deadpool.

Deadpool effectively outmaneuvered Romulus, a mastermind who has basically been controlling Wolverine his entire life, demonstrating his god-level tactical abilities.

7 Deadpool drops a piano on Wolverine after tricking him to the exact spot

Wolverine: Origins #22 by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon

Wolverine about to be crushed by a piano.

Before Wolverine came to Deadpool for help against Romulus, the two were at odds in the same Wolverine story. Not only that, but Wolverine got firsthand evidence of how tactically brilliant Deadpool really is. While the two were in the midst of a fleeting conflict, Deadpool took Wolverine to a specific location where he planned to have a hoisted piano fall right on top of the X-Man.

While one could argue that this is an example of the aforementioned Deadpool ‘cartoon logic’, Wolverine: Origins is notoriously gritty with a tone that wouldn’t fit that type of Deadpool story. This means that the act of luring Wolverine to a precise, pre-planned location (amusingly marked with an ‘X’) to drop a piano on him was another perfect example of Deadpool’s pure tactical genius.

6 Deadpool defeated Daredevil by tricking him with a fake baby

Contest of Champions II #4 by Chris Claremont and Óscar Jiménez

Marvel Comics’ five-issue event Contest of Champions II pitted several iconic heroes/anti-heroes against each other, including Deadpool and Daredevil. In this issue, the two were fighting on a rooftop and Daredevil was kicking Deadpool’s butt. So, Deadpool had to resort to deception and flex his intellectual muscles. Faster than Daredevil could register, Deadpool had what looked and sounded like a baby in his arms, and he quickly “tripped” and threw the supposed baby off the roof. Convinced that the baby is real, Daredevil saves them, only to discover that it is a Deadpool doll with a tape recorder.

By the time Daredevil realized he had been outmatched, Deadpool had his gun pointed at Matt’s head, claiming victory in this regard. Contest of champions match.

5 Deadpool has weapons and ammunition hidden all over the world

Deadpool Nerd 30 #1 by Daniel Way and Paco Medina

Deadpool hides weapons all over the world.

It seems that no matter where Deadpool is in the world, he is always fully equipped with the deadliest weapons imaginable. He’s almost like another superpower, like he can pull weapons out of thin air. However, the real reason he is literally always armed has much more to do with his intellect than any imaginary superpower. In this issue it is revealed that Deadpool hides weapons all over the world, especially in places he travels to quite frequently.

This is the perfect example of Deadpool’s foresight and strategic planning skills. Plus, that makes him even more deadly, as hiding weapons wherever you need them makes him a true army of one.

Cable and Deadpool #30 by Fabián Nicieza and Staz Johnson

Deadpool is on Iron Man's side in Civil War.

Deadpool is not only a masterful strategist and all-around skilled assassin, but he is also thoughtful and present when it comes to the superhuman community and his place within that community. This became evident during the Civil war event, when he truly considered which side he would fight for based on his personal beliefs as well as the broader climate surrounding the issue.

In the end, Deadpool was in favor of the registry, not because that was the side that asked him to fight for them, and he just absent-mindedly said yes, but because he really considered the argument and felt that people needed the security of everyday life. . The Registration Act promised to provide.

3 Deadpool masterfully disguises bombs to annihilate his unsuspecting enemies

deadpool #63 by Daniel Way and Dave Johnson

When someone Deadpool accidentally paralyzed in the past comes back to kill him after years of plotting, Wade proves he’s more than capable of dealing with a revenge-crazed enemy. In the grand finale of this decades-long conflict, Deadpool has been hijacked on the villain’s plane, though he doesn’t make it easy for her or her super-powered henchmen to kill him. In fact, one of the henchmen grabs a parachute to make a quick exit, only to discover that Deadpool rigged the parachute to explode when he jumps off the parachute. Then, when another henchman is about to detonate a bomb strapped to Deadpool, he discovers (albeit briefly) that the detonator was primed to detonate, killing him at the same moment he wanted to kill Deadpool.

Deadpool was able to disguise bombs on an enemy plane to eliminate his enemies if they tried to escape or attempt to kill him, ensuring that all of his enemies unknowingly destroyed themselves.

2 Deadpool infiltrated the X-Mansion in his debut

new mutants #98 by Rob Liefeld and Fabián Nicieza

Deadpool's first appearance.

Before Deadpool was the dim-witted mercenary fans know and love today, he was first a heartless mercenary who not only infiltrated the X-Mansion in his debut, but also nearly wiped out the entire New Mutants team, including Cable. and Domino. X-Men fans are well aware of how heavily guarded the X-Mansion is and that only a few supervillains have been able to infiltrate it (despite its reputation for being destroyed all the time), and Deadpool was one of those. villains.

Deadpool had the brainpower to locate Cable inside the X-Mansion, find the best entry point, incapacitate all the mutants who attacked him moments after his arrival, and then pursue his target. With this debut, Deadpool immediately demonstrated that he is as intelligent as he is deadly.

1 Deadpool turned into an undead hive mind to survive the Apocalypse

Night of the Living Deadpool by Cullen Bunn and Ramón Rosanas

Night of the Living Deadpool.

When Deadpool woke up from a coma and discovered that he was the last person alive on Earth who wasn’t a zombie, he came up with a way to defeat the legions of the undead, and it was quite ambitious. Instead of simply running into a horde of zombies, guns blazing, and relying on his healing factor to make it out alive, Deadpool actually uses his healing factor to create a unique type of serum. This serum did more than prevent zombies from infecting him once bitten, it actually infected any zombie that bit him with a piece of his essence.

When Deadpool’s body was completely consumed, his consciousness became a kind of hive mind that existed within the countless corpses of the undead, i.e. deadpool It literally surpassed the zombie apocalypse by becoming the zombie apocalypse.

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