10 Groove Music Shortcuts for Windows You Should Know

Groove Music is the native music player application for Windows 8 and 10. This app allows you to play music stored in your local library and your OneDrive account. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to use. However, shortcuts can further enrich your experience, both in-app and when you’ve minimized the application.

To help you get the most out of Groove Music, we’ve highlighted the most important keyboard shortcuts that make navigating the application a breeze. This way you ensure that your listening experience hits the right tones.

1. Play/Pause

The most important shortcut for any listener is: Ctrl + P for pause and play depending on whether your music is paused or not. This shortcut is only available when the application is open and in use.

2. Forward/Next

Going to the next song in your music queue is Groove Music is not difficult when you use Ctrl + F. This is another reason why many music lovers use Groove music as their default music player on Windows.

Use this shortcut to change songs, skip to the next song, and repeatedly press the hotkey to seamlessly switch to the next songs in your queue.

3. Previous/Back/Restart current song

One of the advantages of Groove Music is that you can switch songs effortlessly. Of Ctrl + B, you can go back to the beginning of a song currently playing.

Press this combination repeatedly to return to the previous track and repeatedly play the previous tracks in your music queue.

4. Shuffle

Ctrl + H allows you to randomize the order in which the songs in your queue are played.

To use Ctrl + Q to search for songs in your local library on Groove Music. Enter the name of the song or artist and click Enter. Your search results will appear on a new screen.

6. Repeat

You may want to play the same song, playlist, or queue of songs multiple times. Press Ctrl + T to set the play schedule for one of them by clicking repeatedly until it reaches the desired repeat style.

7. Select an item (go to selection mode)

Another intuitive shortcut is to use Ctrl + Enter to select items in your library. By holding down Ctrlyou can your Arrow up and Down arrow keys to navigate between items, then use Enter to add one item to your selection.

As with most other applications, Ctrl + A lets you select all available items.

8. Play and delete selected item(s)

A handy change to the selection in Groove Music is that with Ctrl + Shift + P, you can play all the items you have already marked. In addition, click on remove you can delete them from your library.

9. Mute/Unmute Volume

You may need to turn down the volume of your music urgently for various reasons, and F7 you can do this immediately by muting the song. Press it again to unmute.

Note, however, that since this shortcut is associated with a function key, it may have a different function depending on your system’s default configuration.

Where this is the case, the key’s default function will override the shortcut and you’ll need to click the speaker icon next to the volume adjustment icon to mute a song and unmute it again.

10. Volume Up/Volume Down

To use F9 and F8 to increase and decrease the volume of your songs respectively. As with the mute shortcut, this may not work on your system as it is associated with a function key.

Get the most out of Groove music

With these keyboard shortcuts, you can enhance your experience and get more out of Groove Music using just your keyboard and gain more control over your songs.

Note that some keyboard shortcuts may not work on your PC if they are assigned standard functions, such as the F8 and F9 Keys.

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