10 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Netflix

When someone says Netflix, we immediately think of entertainment, versatility and originality. The platform offers its users many services that are constantly expanding and reaching different parts of the world.

But there are several things you probably don’t know about Netflix. Things you wouldn’t believe if we didn’t tell you. So, in this article, we’ll cover some of the most interesting facts you never knew about Netflix.

1. Netflix has as many subscribers as…

Netflix is ​​big, and we mean really big. As of 2022, the platform will have a whopping 220.67 million subscribers. Netflix is ​​available in 190 countries and the service is expected to reach much further.

This American company has vowed to expand its customer base and provide fresh and original content to as many people as possible.

2. Netflix is ​​a big deal in the US

The country with the most Netflix subscribers is, unsurprisingly, the United States. More than 73 million people have Netflix accounts there. That is about 22% of the total population.

Even more impressive, that’s just the number of accounts. About two-thirds of Netflix users share their accounts with other people. While some of these are couples with joint accounts, quite a few users are serial sharers who give their logins to more than three other people.

So if you’re on a tight budget but looking for a way to watch great content, consider sharing your Netflix password with people you trust. However, keep in mind that Netflix prohibits users from sharing passwords.

While you may consider giving your Netflix password to someone you trust, you should avoid selling or sharing screens with random people over the internet. You may lose access immediately if Netflix detects suspicious activity in your account.

3. How Netflix Got Its Name

Netflix was launched in 1997, the era known as the Naughty Nineties. Obviously, the creators had to bring a touch of wit and excitement to their platform as well.

In Netflix, the term Net stands for internet. Flix is ​​derived from flicks, a slang term for movies and movies.

4. Netflix is ​​ramping up the internet

Kim Kardashian may have tried to break the internet with that racy photo, but Netflix is ​​much closer to achieving this dubious honor. During peak times, Netflix uses a lot of internet bandwidth. The platform dominates the internet and collects more than 9.3% of global internet traffic.

If Netflix hit a bug, causing all viewers to download content at their full bandwidth, the internet across North America would be in trouble.

5. Netflix Autoplay Works

Once an episode on Netflix ends, the next episode will start playing. No hassle of swapping discs or selecting a new media file; it’s just there. It clearly has the intended effect: according to Appinventiv37% of users binge-watched their favorite shows in 2022.

There are even some super committed viewers who watch a show in one go from the moment it becomes available. They start watching at midnight California time, when Netflix launches its new content, and don’t stop watching until they finish a particular show.

Bingewatching has its pros and cons, but staring at screens for too long can certainly have interesting effects on your mood.

6. Netflix succeeded after a lot of struggle

Founded in 1997, Netflix had to go through some warm waters to be where it is today. The entertaining and attractive app we are reviewing today has taken a dismal step by losing subscribers and losing revenue.

It wasn’t because Netflix was delivering bad content or being out of reach. People were confused between DVDs and online streaming. They discussed what is affordable and found it difficult to give up old ways.

Luckily for us, the platform has managed to deliver content that we enjoy immensely. It improved the user experience and provided responsive apps for different devices.

People who are tired of copyrighted content have certainly turned away from their old ways of giving Netflix a shot.

Netflix has started developing its own content and is giving creators around the world a chance to showcase their skills. This move has paid off for the company, and some of its most-watched shows are Netflix originals.

The original content is only available on Netflix, forcing users to buy a subscription and start watching their favorite series and movies. Even the first releases were big hits and had a big impact on the audience.

8. Netflix runs on Amazon Web Services

While Amazon has made a name for itself as an online store, it has branched out a lot over the past decade. From TV shows to cloud services, the Amazon of 2016 is a long way from the Amazon of 1996. Amazon has its own streaming service, which offers plenty of reasons to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video.

Although the company started out running its own server infrastructure, Netflix announced that it finished migrating to Amazon Web Services in 2016. Now Amazon and Netflix’s competing original shows are hosted side by side on the same servers.

9. Netflix Customers Don’t Like Change

Netflix has been around since the 1990s, but it has only been since 2007 that it has become the international streaming media powerhouse that we know and love. Even in this short time, Netflix customers have grown accustomed to how things are.

In 2011, Netflix announced that it would convert its DVD-by-mail service into a separate service called Qwikster. The only thing that had to change was that people had to go to another website.

This is something you would think would usually slip by unnoticed; people who went to the Netflix homepage instead of Qwikster clicked on the link that would obviously be prominently placed in the banner and just went about their business. But no, Netflix customers were furious, and, according to CNNit ended up costing the company 800,000 subscribers.

10. Blockbuster Could Have Owned Netflix

In what will be considered one of the biggest missed business opportunities of the century, Blockbuster turned down an opportunity to buy the then fledgling Netflix for $50 million. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings suggested that they handle Blockbuster’s online business while Blockbuster would take Netflix offline.

However, it was not the intention. When Netflix approached Blockbuster, the company was still not making a profit. according to varietywhen Blockbuster CEO John Antioco lacked the vision to see where the home video industry was headed and the changing shifts in the business under his feet.

Fast forward a few years, and as of September 2022, Netflix is ​​worth over $100.69 billion, while Blockbuster is no more. That must hurt.

Netflix remains at the top of the charts

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming apps. And while it has had many ups and downs in recent years, it still has many subscribers worldwide.

This streaming app aims to give users a premium experience with movies and shows from around the world to keep them entertained.

With its customers hooked on the default interface, we don’t think there will be any major changes to Netflix anytime soon.

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