10 New Zonai Devices We Want to See in Zelda: The TOTK Sequel

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a phenomenal game, with a host of features that would be undeniably standout in any other game, such as the buildable vehicles and other gadgets from Zonai Devices. Although these devices are abundant and varied in TOTKThere is still plenty of room for improvement and a number of great additions could be made to maximize the efficiency and entertainment that can be experienced with Zonai devices.

Getting Zonai devices in TOTK It’s pretty simple; All Link has to do is visit a gadget dispenser or find the numerous pieces scattered across the vast land of Hyrule. Powered by power cells, creating and using the often deadly Zonai gadgets can be one of the most entertaining aspects of the game. Despite this, Zonai device parts available in TOTK They have somewhat limited application and there are many possibilities for how this fundamental part of the game could be carried over to TOTKThe eventual sequel, although there are some Zonai Device ideas that should definitely come true.

10 big rocket

Although there are several ways to launch Link into the air, including the already useful Rocket, a method to send it off even higher with a Zonai device is a potentially valuable and time-saving capability TOTK lacks. Therefore, a Zonai device that absolutely must appear in TOTKThe sequel is some kind of large rocket that could project the hero of Hyrule into the stratosphere or launch objects and attached vehicles at even faster speeds. This Zonai device combined with Link’s paragliding mastery could become an incredibly entertaining and highly efficient method of traversing the massive world map that any future The legend of Zelda the game may have.

9 Drill

A device to break rocks and minerals more efficiently

Zonaite mineral collection from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with total quantity shown

While it could easily be outclassed and therefore should be used sparingly, a Zonai Drill would be an excellent addition in any future. TOTK continuation. With countless uses, including offensive, a drill could allow Link to more easily explore blocked areas that are hidden behind large rocks or rock walls. Additionally, a Zonai device that allows Link to drill could be invaluable while traveling through caves and other underground areas, making it much easier to harvest ore from their veins.

8 Empty

To collect items

A Princess Zelda surprised in front of a Zonai device dispenser in Tears of the Kingdom.

A Zonai vacuum cleaner with the ability to absorb resources or objects could be a huge time saver in the future. The legend of Zelda games. This possible Zonai Device would allow Link to drive without having to repeatedly get in and out of his vehicle built for collect important items and resources. Although this may seem lazy, piloting a customized vehicle can become a tedious process of checking and rechecking to ensure that potentially valuable items are not lost; a Zonai vacuum cleaner would solve this and may have other interesting abilities, as well as being a random item. projectile launcher.

7 Elemental Time Bombs

Zonai bombs that cause frost and shock damage

an iteration on TOTKTime bombs that deal various types of elemental damage would be an awesome addition to the next The legend of Zelda game. Whether it is shock or frost, the ability to deal a specific type of elemental damage It would be very useful in many situations, giving players more options when it comes to combat strategy. Time bombs on TOTK They already explode after a short time and inflict burns on any unfortunate enemies caught in the explosion, but with the variety of items already in the game, it’s a little strange that there aren’t shock and frost variants.

6 Zeppelin

Although the Zeppelin is a disreputable mode of transportation and has become increasingly scarce in the years since the advent of the airplane and helicopter, a Zonai device that mimics the properties of a Zeppelin could be an excellent addition to TOTKThe eventual successor. While this Zonai device itself could simply allow Link to float, the addition of Zonai fans could transform this stationary balloon into a pretty functional and cool transportation option.

5 Remote steering lever

To control Zonai devices remotely

Link using a Shock Emitter Zonai device in Tears of the Kingdom against a frog-like enemy, who is being electrocuted.

Zonai gadgets are often used in dangerous situations; Therefore, the ability to remotely pilot a small Zonai device it would allow Link to stay out of danger while also facing his most dangerous adversaries. A Zonai remote steering stick could allow Link to control a simple Zonai drone vehicle. There are numerous potential applications for such a device: it could be used stealthily, to access areas that would otherwise be out of Link’s reach, or perhaps it could simply be used offensively to take on a group of powerful and powerful enemies. dangerous enemies.

4 Crane arm

A device to improve construction

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Great Joniu Shrine Zonai Cargo Reward

Although crane arms have earned a reputation for being a difficult arcade or carnival game, they have incredible potential in The legend of Zelda as a zone device for help in construction or to help Link move otherwise immovable obstacles out of his way. Furthermore, although the arcade crane arm is an unwieldy beast, cranes are, in construction and other uses, incredibly dexterous, a fact that Link could take full advantage of in TOTKThe eventual sequel.

3 Antenna

Transmit and receive communications

Link the kitchen with a portable Pot Zonai device in Gloom's Lair in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

An antenna could be a wonderful addition to the Zonai arsenal in the future. The legend of Zelda games. While it’s difficult to conceptualize how it would be used, there are several options for what a Zonai antenna could accomplish and how it could help Link. Most likely, this form of Zonai Device could be used for communication between Link and another party, but could also be used to help Link locate Zonai devices or find hidden items, locations, and NPCs.

2 sticky wheels

For vehicles to climb steep slopes

TOTK made climbing, especially in the rain, much easier than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild; however, a future Zelda The game could make the task of building vehicles even easier using a Zonai device to help speed up the process of overcoming obstacles. There are already a couple of types of wheels in TOTK, the Big Wheel being especially suitable for rough terrain. Sticky Wheels, however, could prove even more useful, giving a vehicle greater grip on particularly steep slopes.

1 zonai missiles

A powerful bombardment in combat

Zonai cannon on the ground

Some of the most entertaining Zonai devices in the world TOTK They are powerful offensive weapons like cannons. Although there are some great options to choose from, the following The legend of Zelda The game could greatly expand Link’s arsenal and add Zonai missiles. These potentially devastating and powerful weapons could quickly make short work of even the most powerful enemies. Additionally, its explosive capabilities could be used to destroy obstacles. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The most impressive builds already use Zonai weaponry to great effect, but a barrage of missiles would certainly take things to the next level in a sequel.

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