10 successful side hustlers share the books that helped them make money

  • Rising inflation is forcing people to look for creative, flexible ways to make money.
  • These books provide actionable steps to turn your passion project into real money.
  • They also address mindset and motivation, which can also be obstacles to a lucrative side business.

Thanks to the corona virus, unemployment is rising sharply and with it new side issues. Millions of people have become unemployed or have seen their hours reduced, and a large number of surveys suggest that many have responded by finding creative, independent ways to make money for themselves.

Back in June, USA Today reported to two surveys from the start of the pandemic that showed large numbers of adults looking for side gigs. One, by TD Ameritrade in late April and early May, found that 64% of Americans age 24 and older who lost a job or had reduced hours said they had already landed or were planning to get a part-time job, while the Another, a mid-April survey by Self Financial found that 54% of all adults said they were planning a part-time job.

Whether you’re starting a side business because of the pandemic or because you’ve always dreamed of being in control of your own schedule and financial future, the goal isn’t to drag long days for just enough to avoid disaster. Every side hustler wants to do more than survive.

Those who have successfully made the leap into working for themselves and are now helping others find lucrative ways to make money, including coaches and authors, insist that books can help. Business Insider reached out to some of them for recommendations of the best titles to teach you how to transform your sideline from a passion project or financial necessity into a source of true freedom and wealth.

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