15 Apps and Extensions to Replace Your Desktop Favorites

As a Chromebook user, it can be difficult to find the right apps for even basic tasks. If you’ve switched from Windows or macOS, you may be missing out on all of your favorite apps you’re used to using.

While you may not find most of those apps on Chromebook, the good news is that there are other useful apps available as an alternative. These apps will help you make a smooth transition to Chromebook.

So let’s take a look at the best alternatives to replace your favorite apps on Chromebook.

1. Play Music: Enjoy Music Player

Enjoy Music Player allows you to listen to local music from your device storage. You can also listen to music online through streaming services. It is a lightweight app that runs smoothly on all Chromebooks.

The app has all the important music player features like equalizer, music shuffle, playlist and fade in and out. It also has Google Drive support so you can listen to music from your Google cloud storage.

to download: Enjoy music player (Free)

2. Chat: WhatsGreen Multi Messenger

Installing multiple messenger apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Skype can consume your Chromebook’s memory and storage. Also, not all of these apps are available for Chromebook.

That’s where WhatsGreen Multi Messenger comes in. It supports all the major messaging services that you can access through a single Chrome extension.

The extension’s sidebar makes it easy to access your favorite messaging clients. You can also access some social apps, such as Instagram. Since you don’t need to open multiple tabs in WhatsGreen Multi Messenger, it is faster to use than most browsers.

to download: Green Multi Messenger (Free)

3. Notes and Tasks: Google Keep

Google Keep is quite a popular note-taking app that you can install on your Chromebook. You can easily take your notes by typing or transcribing with our voice. You can also add labels to your notes to categorize them.

Google Keep is linked to your Google account, so all your notes are stored in the cloud. It allows you to add photos and other attachments to your notes and you can share your notes with your friends and colleagues for collaboration.

to download: Google Keep (Free)

4. Text Editing: Caret

If you are a writer or a programmer, Caret is a useful app for editing text on Chromebook. You can open your text files from your local storage directly in Caret.

The app has syntax highlighting features for all major programming languages. It also supports hotkeys so you can assign hotkeys for different actions. You do not need an internet connection to use Caret as it offers full offline support.

to download: caret (Free)

5. Distraction Free Writing: WordFlow

WordFlow is an excellent tool for writers who want to brainstorm ideas or write something without distraction. It has a clear interface, both light and dark, that keeps you focused.

The app works offline and has support for various keyboard shortcuts. Allows you to save files in TXT and MD file formats.

If you are a Scrivener user, you may like WordFlow. Unfortunately, Scrivener isn’t available for Chromebook or Linux, so the only way to install it on Chrome OS is through Wine, which is a daunting task.

to download: WordFlow (Free)

6. Image Editing: Photopea

If you’re missing Photoshop on your Chromebook, Photopea is a great alternative for editing your images. You can edit all popular image formats like PSD, XCF, HJPG, PNG and many more with Photopea.

The app also allows you to easily import image files from the web. It also has built-in templates to help you create new images, along with handy cloud support.

to download: photopea (Free, premium version available)

7. Torrent: JSTorrent

JSTorrent allows you to download torrent files on your Chromebook. It is fast and handles large files with ease. You can also select individual files to download from a torrent.

The app allows you to easily download large torrents for hours without interruption as it can prevent standby. It also allows you to stream videos from torrents.

to download: JSTorrent (Free)

8. Screen Recording: Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder is a versatile and powerful app to capture or record your Chromebook screen. You can record videos from your entire desktop or a single tab and change the resolution and storage location for captured videos.

Likewise, for screenshots, you can take screenshots of the entire desktop or a selected area. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder also provide annotation tools to highlight an element or explain something in a captured image.

to download: Great screenshot and screen recorder (Free, subscriptions available)

9. Drawing: Vectr

You can create and edit vector graphics on your Chromebook with Vectr. It has various drawing tools such as freehand and pen tools to draw artistic shapes with ease.

With Vectr you can change the shapes, group multiple layers and adjust them to create different designs. You can also view your past work through the app’s history.

There are more drawing and vector editing apps available for Chromebook that you can try for free.

to download: vector (Free)

10. Bootable USB Maker: Chromebook Recovery Utility

To make your USB bootable, you don’t need to search for third-party apps. Chromebook has its own bootable USB maker called Chromebook Recovery Utility.

It is a handy extension that allows you to reinstall your Chrome OS to restore the device. You can also use this tool to install Chrome OS or other operating systems on another device via USB.

to download: Chromebook Recovery Tool (Free)

Compression tools are probably one of the most used tools on a PC. ZIP Manager is a Chrome extension that allows you to extract and open multiple compressed file formats such as ZIP, RAR, and 7-Zip on Chromebooks.

With ZIP Manager, you can easily compress or extract local files and open ZIP files from the Internet.

to download: ZIP management (Free)

With VXG Media Player you can stream videos from the cloud. It is a feature-packed media player that supports various video formats.

You can control the latency of streaming videos and automatically reconnect to the streaming server while using VXG Media Player. The app also allows you to capture your favorite scenes through the screen capture feature.

to download: VXG media player (Free)

13. Spreadsheets: Spreadsheets

You can easily work on your spreadsheets on Chromebook through the Google Sheets app, which has tons of features.

The app allows you to access all the features of Sheets and import your MS Excel files into Google Sheets. All data is stored in your Google cloud storage to keep it safe.

to download: sheets (Free)

14. Presentations: Slides

You can create presentations on your Chromebook using the Google Slides app. It has several templates that allow you to create unique presentations. You can even import your MS PowerPoint slides.

Everything is stored on your Google cloud storage so you never lose your slides. You can also share your presentations with friends and colleagues to collaborate and work on the same file.

Here’s a complete guide to running a PowerPoint presentation on Chromebook.

to download: slides (Free)

15. VPN: ZenMate Free VPN

On a new operating system, it can be difficult to find a decent VPN. ZenMate is a free VPN available as a Chrome extension for your Chromebook.

It changes your IP address and allows you to access region-blocked content through the browser. It also allows you to stay protected from trackers and threats on the web. With ZenMate you have unlimited bandwidth.

to download: ZenMate Free VPN (Free, premium version available)

You can also install Android and Linux apps

On your Chromebook, you also have the option to install Linux and Android apps. Here are some great Linux app alternatives to Windows programs. You can also check out these Windows programs available for Android.

Unlock the full potential of your Chromebook

If you’ve recently switched to a Chromebook, this list of the best Chromebook apps will save you a lot of time, effort, and maybe money too. It has all the basic apps you need on your new machine.

There’s a lot you can do with your Chromebook’s terminal. Check out these handy Crosh terminal commands to give your Chromebook a boost.

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