3 Apps Every Crypto Beginner Needs

As a beginner in the crypto world, the crypto market is difficult, making it challenging to find your way around. As a result, you need a more welcoming environment that makes it easier and easier for you to participate in the crypto market and also prepares you for a smooth transition to more advanced experiences – and these are three beginner-friendly crypto apps you need .

1. Binance (Binance Lite)

Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world and it has become the first choice of many professionals and novice traders. The company has a lite version of its app, which is better suited for beginners. The Binance Lite version of the Binance app has a user-friendly interface created to make interacting with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as easy as possible. You can also easily view other assets and features with just a few taps.

To access Binance Lite, you must first download the app, complete the verification process and switch to the Lite version.

to download: Binance for android | iOS (Free)

2. Coinbase

Coinbase is also a popular platform to buy, sell, store and exchange your cryptocurrency. It’s beginner friendly. The platform supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies, which means you get the opportunity to get your hands on many crypto options. The service also has programs that allow you to earn interest on your balance and a small amount of crypto through the Coinbase earning program.

As you become more familiar with trading, you can switch to the Coinbase pro version to get your hands on more features and order types.

to download: Coinbase for android | iOS (Free)

3. CoinTracker

One thing beginners want is convenience. We are sure you don’t want to spend time checking different apps to check how your investments are doing, which is why you need a crypto portfolio tracker to make tracking your assets easier.

CoinTracker also helps you comply with cryptocurrency tax regulations. You don’t have to do the complex tax calculations yourself.

to download: CoinTracker for android | iOS (Free)

The best apps for crypto beginners

You can start with these easy-to-use apps and then move on to more complex tools and apps as you learn more about the market and become more confident in your skills.

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