3 ways to reset your Nintendo Switch

If you’re having trouble with your Nintendo Switch, it might be the quickest and easiest way to fix a problem you’re having.

There are three quick ways to reset your Nintendo Switch: a soft reset, a factory reset, or a hard reset. The kind of problem you are having will determine which reset to try first.

If you want to know how to do each type of reset and what’s best for you, we can help.

Why you should reset your Nintendo Switch

While resetting your Nintendo Switch is a great way to fix software issues, you may want to check the most common issues on the Nintendo Switch to try and resolve any issues before resetting your console.

If your problem persists, one of these three types of reset options can help you:

  • If your console is more or less functional and you are experiencing software issues such as your console not being able to read or load games, a soft reset is probably best for you.
  • Alternatively, if a soft reset doesn’t work, or if you want to resell your console, you’ll need to factory reset your console. This will delete all data from your Switch, resell it and reset all software.
  • Finally, if your console has a problem that interferes with system navigation or you want to keep data, you can try a hard reset by putting your console in recovery mode.

With each type of reset described, let’s see how to perform them all.

1. How to Soft Reset Your Nintendo Switch

Follow these steps to soft reset your Nintendo Switch console and resolve minor software issues:

  • Press and hold the Current button at the top of your Nintendo Switch console for 10 to 15 seconds until your console turns off.
  • Once your console is completely turned off, wait a moment and press the Current button again.
  • Your Nintendo Switch console will then turn back on and the reset is complete.

While soft resetting your Nintendo Switch can seem like a simple reboot, holding down the power button for 10 to 15 seconds will allow your console to erase all unnecessary data that could be causing software problems.

2. How to reset your Nintendo Switch?

If a soft reset didn’t fix your problem, or if you want to sell your console or wipe its data completely, you may need to try a factory reset.

Follow these steps to factory reset your Nintendo Switch:

  • From the toolbar at the bottom of your Nintendo Switch’s main menu, select System settings.
  • Choose from the displayed left tabs: System.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the System options until you find Formatting options and select it.

  • Navigate through the displayed options and select Restore to factory settings.

  • The console will then prompt you to delete all data if you continue. Press . to go on Next one.

If this is done successfully, your console will delete your accounts and begin to erase all data from your console.

3. How to Hard Reset Your Nintendo Switch

Finally, if you can’t access your Nintendo Switch console or if a functional error prompts you to reset your console but want to keep the saved data, you can try a hard reset.

Follow these steps to hard reset your Nintendo Switch:

  • Make sure your console is turned off.
  • Keep the Volume up + Volume down and Current all at the same time on the button.
  • Your console should then boot into recovery mode. From here you can choose to: Update system, Restore factory settings without deleting saved data or Restore to factory settings.
  • To hard reset your console, select: Restore factory settings without deleting saved data or Restore to factory settings.

Your console will then reset and reboot with all settings restored to factory defaults except save data if you choose not to delete it.

If the issues with your console persist despite a reset, it’s a great way to fix any issues or prevent your Nintendo Switch from updating.

Keep your Nintendo Switch hassle free

Knowing how to perform multiple types of resets on your Nintendo Switch is an excellent way to troubleshoot and ensure the health of your console.

By staying up-to-date and navigating your Nintendo Switch’s system settings, you can further tailor your console to your needs and maintain its functionality.

Learning the various settings shortcuts on your console can further increase the functionality of your console while improving its overall ease of use.

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