‘$30 for 6 of the most HORRIBLE cookies I’ve ever had in my life’: Customer condemns Crumbl Cookies for being too expensive, sparking debate

'$30 for 6 of the most HORRIBLE cookies I've ever


The internet is no stranger to Crumbl slander. Recently, the popular cookie chain has been called out for using what appears to be store-bought Betty Crocker mixes in some of their desserts. Other people struggled with the fact that Crumbl Cookies cost about $4 each, and the brand has been consistently criticized for not being worth the money.

red and black wrote of the cookie franchise prices: “A single Crumbl cookie costs just under $4. The four-pack box is just over $12 and the six-pack box is just over $18. The party box, a dozen cookies, cost about $32.”

If you’ve spent a lot of time on TikTok, you’ve probably come across a few posts about Crumbl. Modern retail wrote about the brand’s effectiveness in using the popular social media app to bring in more customers and help the Utah-based franchise expand across the country. However, a recent viral post from popular content creator Newt (@milktpapi) shows that neither he nor the crowd of his followers believe in the Crumbl hype.

The food-oriented TikToker has millions of followers and his latest clip about the cookie chain has been liked over 140,000 times and has garnered over 1,000 comments.


$30 for 6 of the most OUTSTANDING cookies I’ve ever had in my life

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“When you listened to Tiktok and bought cookies, ppl said they were fire,” he wrote in a text overlay of the seven-second clip. The video starts with him looking lonely into the camera, then the clip turns into a box of six Crumbl cookies, each of a different variety, each with a bite out. The clip then cuts back to Newt holding his face desperately, clearly disappointed with his purchase.

He writes in a caption for the clip, “$30 for 6 of the most REVERSE cookies I’ve ever had in my life.”

There are a number of people who have reviewed the cookies online and said: that they were too expensive and not that tasty? as they had hoped. Others have inflated the treats like being overly sweetsomething that was reiterated in the creator’s comments section of TikTok.

“I love that you tried them all, like you really hoped at least one had to be good,” commented one viewer.

“The way people defend crumble cookies is insane, like obv cookies are sweet, but should I have cavities after one bite? no, there is such a thing as ‘too sweet’,” wrote another.

Some commentators even said they worked at Crumbl and admitted themselves that the cookies weren’t as good as some people would have you believe.

“I work at crumb and they are DEFINITELY overhyped,” wrote one viewer.

“FINALLY!!! I’m not the only one who thinks this!!! They are definitely extremely overhyped,” agrees another.

Others even said that Subway’s cookies are not only cheaper than Crumbl’s, but also taste much better.

It seems Newt was well aware of the fact that Crumbl was “caught” using Betty Crocker mix for their cookies. When a user asked if he wanted to make a video of him making cookies, he had to say this: “DO YOU GUYS WANT ME TO?? we make them and don’t even have to use Betty Crocker mix.

And while there are tons of people who have expressed disdain for Crumbl — taste can be subjective, after all — there are some outlets that have given glowing reviews about the brand’s offerings. The Silicon Review wrote:: “Crumbl uses only the highest quality ingredients in every batch. The difference is obvious with your first bite! The brand’s experience and offering is truly gastronomic.”

The News All Day contacted Newt and Crumbl Cookies via email.

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