4 ways to find what to watch on Netflix without leaving the app

You’ve decided to watch Netflix and relax. And what follows is usually a struggle. That’s because the biggest challenge you’ll face after you’ve decided to spend some quiet time and open Netflix isn’t when you make a decision to watch something, but what that something should be. Whether alone or with company, choosing your next movie can be difficult.

So, here are all the tips and tricks you need if you’re struggling to decide what to watch next. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave the Netflix app.

1. Take advantage of these features

There is a variety of features you can use to help you with your decision making and make discovering a movie or show a simple and easy process. Let’s go through them.

quick laugh

Fast Laughs (or Quick Laughs for some users) is a super fun and easy way to watch a bunch of movies in a short amount of time and see if they pique your interest.

How it works is that Netflix has a separate section for the feature, and once you get to it, you’re presented with a video feed. You’ll see clips from all kinds of movies and TV shows that will make you laugh. Like stand-up specials and comedies of all kinds.

This feature is similar to how TikTok works. The clips can last between 15 and 45 seconds or even longer. While watching, you can respond with a laughing-crying emoji, add the title to your list, or play it instantly.

You can also share it on almost any social media platform via the app. That makes it easier to check whether your Netflix viewer is also excited about the show or movie. You both would have seen the same clip without reading too much into the movie and potentially ruining the viewing experience.

Once you go to Fast Laughs, the clips will play one at a time, giving you the option to pause and move on to the next, just like on TikTok, or use a more appropriate short content movie-related app as an example. to use , Quibi. However, it is not an endless feed like the behemoth that is TikTok. But do not worry; you’ll still see enough clips to find what you want to watch now.

New & Hot

The New & Hot section has several helpful subsections worth checking out when choosing your next watch. It offers a Coming Soon section with titles and their release dates, a synopsis and a trailer for you to watch. There’s also a Remind Me button that you can press to get notified when the feature hits Netflix.

Next comes the Everyone’s Watching section, which shows popular titles you might like. It’s a nice mix between movies and shows, and there’s also a way to add the movies to your list or play them right away. Finally, there are the Top 10 TV Shows and the Top 10 Movies, which is pretty obvious.

Discovering what’s new and worth a watch on Netflix can be quite challenging, but New & Hot is a handy little category you can use to help you out.

The New & Popular section may appear under a different name in your Netflix app. Some see it as New & Popular, others as Latest. But whatever name it bears, it shows you the same thing. So go ahead and browse.


Collections is a feature that rounds similarly themed content under one list. So you have one called ‘Watch in One Weekend’, ‘Stream & Scream’, and so on, and they have different titles that match the name of the collection.

For example, if you go to an adventure-themed collection, you can find all the James Bond and Indiana Jones movies in one place. Or a fantasy that contains everything from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

It’s a handy section to browse if you’re in a specific mood and know exactly what you want to watch.

2. Take advantage of push notifications

By allowing push notifications, you’ll know pretty much everything that’s happening on Netflix.

You get information about upcoming releases, the latest added TV shows and movies and all kinds of personalized suggestions. For example, you may receive a warning about a suggested title that you hadn’t thought of before or even heard of, but which on second thought might be something for you.

You can manage whether you want to receive notifications directly from the Netflix app.

3. Set Reminders

You can keep track of upcoming movies and shows by setting a reminder. As soon as you tap Remember meyou will receive a notification when the title appears on Netflix and you can watch it immediately.

That’s especially a great feature if you know a movie is in production but a long way from coming out. So you can set the reminder and forget about it completely because no matter what, once it drops, Netflix will remind you. Thanks to the reminder function, the movie or show will automatically appear in your list.

4. Use Surprise Me

If you’ve used the Netflix Play Something feature on your TV, it works the same way in the Netflix app.

The Surprise Me feature is a real gift if you feel like you can’t possibly choose what to play. You press the surprise me button, and it goes on to play something for you, but don’t think it’s a random choice. You’ll see a show or movie that fits your viewing preferences, something you haven’t seen before, but the app knows you’ll enjoy.

If you don’t know how Netflix recommendations work, the algorithm takes into account what you’ve watched and liked before and uses it to find the best series or movie to recommend. And if you don’t like the game, you can always hit the Play Something Else button until you settle for a choice. Then sit back and enjoy the surprise.

Finding your next Netflix watch doesn’t have to be a struggle

It seems like every time you decide to kick back and watch Netflix, you’re faced with the eternal question: What should I watch? Sometimes it’s a simple answer, other times it’s a struggle and an endless scroll. Then, unfortunately, more often than not, you’re looking at something you’ve already seen.

But finding what to watch on Netflix doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are many tools and in-app features that you can turn to that make the entire selection process simple and easy. So whether you stick with the app and use it to find what you want to watch or turn to third-party apps and sites, you can discover new titles more easily. So go ahead.

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