6 Royal Events and Dramas to Expect in The Crown Season 6, Part 2

From The crown burst onto Netflix screens, the world’s understanding of the British Royal Family has increased, although there are only a few crucial events left before the series comes to an end. Following the stories of their personal lives while ruling the country, The crown has focused on various events throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, both within the monarchy and historical events in the world at large. The crown will end with season 6, whose first four episodes aired in November 2023 and the final six will be released in December, bringing the hit Netflix drama to an end. However, before that happens, there are still more stories to tell.

Until now, the program has followed a strict schedule and The crown Season 6 will cover several years in the life of the British Royal Family. Although the events of the show will not continue to this day, there are still many dramatic events that need to be addressed. While The crown Season 7 seems unlikely Despite the prospect of a prequel season, the show’s official Royals chronological coverage will only extend to 2004-2005. The crown Season 6, Part 1 ended with the death of Princess Diana Spencer in 1997, meaning there are only six episodes to fit in nearly eight years of subsequent Royal Family events.

6 The golden wedding of the queen and Prince Philip

November 20, 1997

After Diana’s death just a few months earlier, The Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their golden wedding, in which Her Majesty embarked on a fairly direct speech about her position in the monarchy. It is known that in the years leading up to this event, there was a public reaction to the concept of monarchy, leading Prince Charles to create the Prince’s Trust in 1976. Although it may seem like an unusual time in The crownThis notable speech was also a response to the Royal Family’s seemingly mute acknowledgment of Spencer’s death and would make sense to include it before his time jump.

5 Kate and William meet


Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton and Ed McVey as William walking together and looking at each other in season 6 of The Crown.

It’s known that The crown Season 6, Part 2 will see a time jump, with the final six episodes at some point involving Prince William as he attends the University of St Andrews. This is the place where Prince William, in particular He meets his future wife, Kate Middleton, for the first time.. In filming stills, Meg Bellamy was cast as Kate Middleton, in scenes that replicate paparazzi photos of the couple in 2001.

It is well known that Prince William married Kate and the two have three children together, expanding the lineage of the British Royal Family. William and Kate’s relationship has attracted a lot of media attention over the years, including reports of their brief separation in 2007. Although The crown It won’t last long enough to see the two married on screen, there’s plenty of history to explore in their early days together.

4 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee

February 6, 2002

Imelda Staunton with a worried face sitting in a chair as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown season 6

As several major events that impacted the Queen occurred in fairly quick succession in the early 2000s, it can be assumed that they will be recounted in The crown season 6. Your Majesty The 2002 golden wedding ceremony took place five years after Diana’s death., and in the time between these two events, the British Royal Family was quite quiet compared to previous decades. Celebrations of the event extended throughout 2002 and the Queen toured several countries around the world, including Australia, Canada and Jamaica.

The official anniversary date, marking fifty years since Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne, occurred just three days before the death of her sister, Princess Margaret. Despite the loss of Margaret and the Queen Mother the following month, the Queen continued with the celebrations. As these events unfolded over most of the year, it could be assumed that this could be the main plot motivator for The crown Remaining episodes of season 6, part 2.

3 The death of Princess Margaret

February 9, 2002

Just three days before the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Princess Margaret, her rebellious and glamorous socialite sister, died in February 2002 after several months of repeated strokes. As it is shown in The crown, for most of his life, Princess Margaret smoked and drank a lot, which eventually contributed to the ongoing health problems he suffered in later life (via TODAY). The first half of thmy crown In season 6, Margaret was played by Lesley Manville, following performances by Helena Bonham-Carter and Vanessa Kirby in previous seasons. With Margaret’s imminent death, the final episodes of The crown He will no doubt focus on this and dedicate more screen time to Manville.

2 The death of the queen mother

March 30, 2002

The Queen Mother, widow of King George VI and mother of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, died in March 2002 amid global Golden Jubilee celebrations. She died at the age of 101, making her the second oldest member of the British Royal Family (after Princess Alice, 102 years old, wife of George VI’s brother, Prince Henry), and the first to exceed 100 years of age. Despite battling a terrible cold since the previous Christmas, combined with her advanced age, she still remained committed to her duties, something often shown in her character. The crown.

After Princess Margaret’s death, the Queen Mother insisted on attending her youngest daughter’s funeral. This was one of her last public appearances, before she died in her sleep a few weeks later. With the expectation that The crown Season 6 will look at these events, the deaths of Margaret and the Queen Mother are supposed to occur in quick succession for a tragic episode, as the show comes to an end and two of its main characters meet their end.

1 Wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

April 9, 2005

In 2005, Prince (at that time) Charles married Camilla Parker Bowlesafter several decades of a relationship focused on the media. The crown Seasons 4 and 5 spent a lot of time on the breakup of Charles and Diana’s marriage and the introduction of Camilla. The backlash they received when the lines between their relationship and Charles’ marriage to Diana were blurred was a huge event for the British Royal Family, attracting a lot of unwanted attention.

The first four episodes of The crownSeason 6 mainly focused on Diana’s death in 1997. Since it is known that the show will follow a timeline to some point between 2004 and 2005, it is possible that one of the final events of the Netflix show will focus on the Charles and Camilla’s wedding. The couple’s engagement only lasted two short months before their nuptials, which could allow for plenty of on-screen drama, given that the concept of a second marriage was often a sensitive topic within the Royal Family.

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