9 New Linux Distributions to Try in 2022

As an open-source operating system, Linux continues to dominate the market even into 2022. The highly malleable Linux kernel has come a long way, developing into many avatars and spawning various desktops suitable for numerous use cases.

As usual, a slew of new Linux distributions have become available to believers seeking high-tech computing on low-end hardware. Each distro has its unique USP, which makes it stand out among its competitors.

Without further ado, here are the most anticipated Linux distributions within the open source software community, worth mentioning.

EndeavorOS 22.6 is a rolling release distribution built on top of Arch Linux. Multiple desktop variants are available, including XFCE, Cinnamon, KDE Plasma, Budgie, and other flavors.

This Arch-based distro facilitates an easy user introduction and learning curve as the integrated Calamares installer takes care of pretty much everything related to OS installation.

EndeavorOS offers excellent community support, given its strong resemblance to the Windows UI/UX; this factor is an inherent plus for those migrating to Linux from other operating systems.


  • Modular installation: You can install the core repositories for basic dependencies; however, you can avoid installing applications that qualify as bloatware
  • AUR support and Pacman: Being an Arch based distro, EndeavorOS gives you access to the AUR package repository. You can manage installed packages with Pacman.

to download: EndeavourOS

KaOS 2022.06 is an open-source flag bearer of the KDE and Qt flavors. The compatibility of the new Linux distro with Arch Linux gives users a very stable and easy-to-use OS solution.

These enhanced features give you access to a repository of the latest software packages with ongoing updates.


  • User-friendly: The built-in Croeso welcome screen makes the distro customizable and easy to use
  • To create custom packages: You can create custom packages and distribute them with the makepkg utility
  • GUI package manager: Native Octopi GUI package manager makes app management easy for novice users

to download: KaOS

Philip Müller created Manjaro’s latest Linux distro, the rolling release distribution, Ruah 21.3.0.

The release came right after the release of its predecessor Qonos. Some of the significant improvements include the final release of the Calamares 3.2 installer, LUKS partitions, and other notable refinements to ease the installation process.

Ruah supports KDE Plasma, XFCE and GNOME desktops. You can install the latest release of Manjaro Linux on your PC or a virtual machine, depending on how you want to use it.


  • Improved partition module: Calamares 3.2.59 improves partition module support for LUKS partitions
  • Dark Mode: GTK 4 for GNOME apps along with a system-wide dark mode
  • Improved Libraries: GTK 4 and libadwaita libraries improve and provide next-generation app capabilities for GNOME users
  • LTS Support: The distro contains the latest LTS Linux kernel 5.15

to download: Manjaro Linux

Kaisen Linux 2.1 is one of the latest Linux operating systems based on Debian’s distro for testing, maintaining and managing IT systems. The latest Debian based distro comes with XFCE, GNOME, LXDE and KDE desktop flavors.

Kaisen has a real list of drivers and packages for USB boot fixes for BIOS/UEFI hardware.


  • Extended functions: Kaisen is useful for boot management, deep formatting, virtualization, automation and other system management needs
  • Live System Engagement: An additional function includes a practical toram mode that lets you dump all your live systems into RAM to keep your USB port free

to download: Kaisen

openSUSE 15.4 slipstreams with the latest versions of system software and third-party software packages for basic, personal, and professional computing.

It comes in two iterations:

  • tumbleweed: A rolling release distro offering live fresh packs is hot off the factory table
  • jump: A stable alternative that shares a code base with the SLE version of the operating system

openSUSE provides a stable and development version, which is equipped with the GNOME, XFCE and KDE desktop options.


  • Download speed: Quick download 173 MB online installer
  • Server variant: You can use the operating system as a text-only server or an immutable server
  • System Support: The operating system appropriately supports a variety of AMD, UEFI ARM, PowerPC servers, and IBM systems

to download: openSUSE

Linux Lite 6.0 LTS immediately impresses users with its lightweight, Ubuntu-based foundation. It runs on Linux kernel 5.15 and ships with the XFCE 4.16 desktop.

While the latest release works seamlessly on newer, modern machines, it is also suitable for older, limited systems. Without a doubt, it will be one of the best Linux distributions in 2022, given its highly customizable, GUI-based software packages, which allow for easy configurations.


  • Versatile theme: The new material theme welcomes Windows users, as it is most updated and offers users a combination of light and dark themes
  • System Monitoring Center: This uber-essential tool displays system-related information related to CPU usage and RAM consumption, along with GPU and disk statistics

to download: Linux Lite

Alpine Linux 3.16.0 ships with the XFCE desktop environment and is ideal for network engineering. You can rely on it as an open source solution for hard-coding routers, firewalls, VPNs, VoIP and more.

It is useful for embedded systems engineering, given the wide variety of useful tools and libraries. Alpine Linux is tailor-made for power users, given its array of hardware and software features.


  • Built-in technical tools: musl C library and basic tools for embedded engineering
  • Tools Repository: BusyBox provides a comprehensive toolbox for configuring security patches (PaX, SSP, etc.), network and embedded systems
  • GitHub support: The operating system is supported by a very active GitHub community

to download: Alpine Linux

Fedora is one of the most versatile Linux distributions to date. It keeps spawning spins or variants for different usage scenarios. If you’re looking for an open-source OS solution for gaming, you can always expect Fedora to offer new releases with better hardware support and system architecture compatibility.


  • Latest software repository: There is unrestricted access to Fedora’s up-to-date software repository for game download engines, drivers, etc.
  • Dedicated gaming distribution: A lack of adware and bloatware reserves resources for serious gaming, allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted game speeds
  • Improved gaming drivers: Open-source NVIDIA compatibility allows users to download the latest GPU resources to enhance their gaming experience

to download: Running Fedora Games

Ubuntu Touch is an open-source alternative for Android and iOS. Unlike other premium mobile operating systems, you don’t need to jailbreak Ubuntu Touch to call up the developer features.

You can enjoy free and open-source GNU/Linux-based applications on your mobile. Imagine being able to use your phone as a laptop without any extra hassle.


  • Modernist apps: Using Scopes as an alternative to apps is a new method for modern web 2.0 and 3.0 content delivery to mobile systems
  • Easy to customize: Highly customizable features that enable system-wide ad blocking without tinkering with the root function
  • High privacy levels: Ubuntu Touch is privacy-focused and user-centric in terms of device and data management
  • Community-wide support: The operating system enjoys strong community support as it is supported by millions of users, including the International Space Station

to download: Ubuntu touch

Try out these new Linux Distro releases today!

Linux distributions continue to offer new variants to end users at regular intervals. Every second month there is a new release, which promises to be better than its predecessor.

Since variety is the spice of life, you can always expect to try out new flavors and different desktop variants with Linux. Basically, there is a Linux distribution for every type of user.

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