90 Day Fiancé: Did Gino’s Bachelor Party Lead to Breakup with Jasmine? (What we know about the event)

90 day fiancé Alum Gino Palazzolo’s secret bachelor party is leading to a shocking breakup with his fiancée Jasmine Pineda in season 10. Jasmine, a 36-year-old Panamanian, got engaged to Gino Palazzolo, 53, in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4. Jasmine and Gino have been up and down over the past three years and came close to breaking up more than once. Still, they decided to continue their relationship. Jasmine came to the United States on a K-1 visa. However, within a few days of moving there, she found a tube of lip gloss in Gino’s truck, which she believed meant he was cheating.

Jasmine met Gino’s cousin Dana’s wife Michelle at a nail spa. Jasmine wanted to be pampered a little to take her mind off of her fights with Gino. Michelle had become the only member of Gino’s family that Jasmine felt safe with. Jasmine thought that Michelle was non-judgmental and open to getting to know Jasmine better. Michelle suggested they have a girls’ night out. Jasmine agreed because she needed a break from being Gino’s maid and cleaner. Michelle suggested that since Gino already had a bachelor party, they could get some girlfriends and have fun together. Jasmine realized that Gino hadn’t told her anything about having a bachelor party.

Gino had a secret bachelor party in the United States

Gino had told Jasmine that he wouldn’t have a bachelor party until she arrived in the United States. 90 day fiancé Star Jasmine was going to be the one to organize it. Michelle informed her that Gino hosted the party the day before Jasmine moved to the U.S. Jasmine now wanted to know what Gino did at the party. Maybe Jasmine already had an idea but she still wanted to confirm her suspicions by asking Michelle to tell her. Michelle told him that Gino had gone to a strip club.

Gino went to a strip club

Jasmine wanted to understand what happened to Gino at the strip club. She asked Michelle if there would be women touching Gino or if Gino was just sitting there watching the women dancing. “You know, it was a bachelor party. I’m sure they touched it“Michelle explained. Jasmine was shocked to learn what Gino had been doing behind her back.

Will Jasmine end her engagement to Gino?

All this time, Jasmine had felt guilty for getting angry at Gino. She was being hard on herself and she blamed herself for everything due to her extreme jealousy. Jasmine regretted not trusting her instincts because she turned out to be right. The preview of the next episode of 90 day fiancé showed Jasmine asking Gino what he did before the day she arrived. A flashback showed Gino surrounded by two scantily clad women as he slapped one of them on the butt. “You act like I cheated on you about something.“Gino said, as Jasmine cried, “This is how it feels.” Jasmine walked away and said, “I’m not going to do shit with your man..”

As Jasmine cries, cameras show her ring lying on the floor next to her after she threw it away. The shot suggests that Jasmine and Gino’s engagement is over and there is no chance of her getting back together with him. So far, there has been no confirmation that Jasmine and Gino got married in 90 day fiancé. Jasmine still appears to be in the US, according to her Instagram, but Gino is not seen with her or on her feed. Even though they broke up in the past and got back together, this could have been the last straw that ended Jasmine and Gino’s relationship.

90 day fiancé airs Sundays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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