90 Day Fiancé Gino Palazzolo’s Hatless Photo Is Surprising (Did He Get A Tattoo On His Bald Head?)

90 day fiancé Fans spotted Gino Palazzolo with a strange tattoo-like pattern on his head. The 53-year-old is known for his tumultuous relationship with Jasmine Pineda. The couple debuted on the series in 2022 and have since gone viral for their on-screen antics. One of Gino’s most notable habits on the show has been his addiction to wearing hats. He has always worn hats in front of cameras. In one of the previous episodes, Gino even wore a cap to sleep with Jasmine, which made viewers curious.

While Gino has never directly addressed his penchant for hats, his partners have discussed it. A few months ago, Jasmine revealed why Gino doesn’t show his head on the show, admitting that he simply didn’t have hair. Jasmine also shared that she thought Gino looked handsome no matter what. Gino’s alleged ex also talked about his baldness in the past. She claimed that Gino suffered from psoriasis and that he still had some hair left on his head before shaving it.

What Gino looked like with long hair

Gino He has become popular as the guy who always wears a cap. However, there was a time when he didn’t feel the need to wear anything on his head. In 2022, the Michigan native shared a photo from 20 years ago, when he was in his early 30s. He wrote, “This is me in London, England.” The image showed him with a full head of hair and a leather jacket. Gino sported a medium-length hairstyle, flaunting his natural black hair color. The post showed that Gino didn’t always feel insecure about his hairline.

Did Gino get a tattoo on his head?

Recently, Gino didn’t wear a hat in an episode. The scene showed him wearing his usual Miami-style shirt and briefly showing his head to the cameras. an editor IncomeSweet8731 reposted the screenshot of the program for others to discuss. The Reddit user asked: “Is it hair or a tattoo?” Many Redditors in the comments section agreed with the original poster and shared their confusion. People were puzzled as to why 90 day fiancé The star had a tattoo-like mark on her head. The photo looked strange, but the stain was probably just unshaven hair.

What kind of creative tattoos can you get on your bald head?

Gino probably only had a small strand of hair left on his head, but 90 day fiancé Fans still liked the idea of ​​him opting for a tattoo. Someone wrote, “You should get your whole head tattooed and get rid of the damn hats.” Another commented, “You should get a tattoo like VaLentine.” Gino has plenty of options if he really wants to ditch the hats. However, Gino has more financial knowledge than his future wife. Gino wouldn’t want to spend money on cosmetic procedures or tattoos when he could wear a cap to hide his slight insecurity.

90 day fiancé airs Sundays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

Fountain: Gino Palazzolo/Instagram, IncomeSweet8731/Reddit

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