90 Day Fiancé Mary Flaunts Expensive Purchase After ‘Dry Begging’ Incident

90 Day Fiancé: Backwards Star Mary Demasu-ay is showing off her valuable new purchase amid her claims that she is in a financial crisis. Mary is a 23-year-old girl who dropped out of college and 90 day fiancé spin-off in which he stars with Brandan DeNuccio, also 23 years old. The couple met on a dating app and dated long-distance for two years before Brandan flew from Oregon to the Philippines. While still in America, Brandan gave Mary more than $60,000 to build them a house in Candoni. When Brandan moved there in Season 5, he barely had $250 left in his savings account. Recently, Mary shared a statement on Instagram about her financial situation.

Mary said she qualified for work-from-home opportunities. However, she did not have a laptop so she could work from home. While 90 day fiancé Fans accused Mary of curtly begging for a free laptop, Mary (as shared by u/sschii_) posted a video in which she could be seen playing with her new and expensive toy.

The fan captioned his post: “Mary: Finance me a new laptop so I can work; Also Mary: buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max.” The screenshot showed Mary sitting with her shirt covering her knees and holding the latest Apple phone in her hands.

Brandan also bought a new PlayStation

Not long ago, Mary had gone live on Instagram to cry because Brandan spent money on a new video game instead of buying her an iPhone. Mary cried because the iPhone could be used to film vlogs and make money. Mary was criticized by viewers who knew the couple were first-time parents to a baby girl. They hoped Mary had cried over household needs and not over a new phone. Meanwhile, Brandan himself has bought himself a new games console. editor you/dootz01 questioned Brandan and Mary’s spending habits by sharing photos of the couple purchasing a PS5 console and setting it up.

They will beg and borrow until they get what they want. Wait until your episodes end and reality hits you, it will be like a light switch.“wrote user LostintheSauce4eva.”Scammers are going to deceive” commented gooseytrey100. Someone noticed that Mary and Brandan were setting up the PlayStation in a hotel room. Mary has often complained about Brandan’s obsession with video games both on her social media and on the show. Mary had to leave the college after losing her dance. Brandan had discouraged her from dancing because he was jealous of her friendship with a dancer in his group.

However, when May decided to set up a small store outside her home, Brandan did not help her run it. Mary said Brandan kept playing video games on her phone. She even complained about it to her mother, Angela, and Angela said that she had been obsessed with the games since childhood. Now that Brandan buys a gaming system it means that he will spend more time than ever playing his favorite games. The couple should have invested in their baby’s future, but instead, they aren’t even getting their priorities straight. 90 Day Fiancé: Backwards Fans believe Brandan and Mary have yet to understand what it is”adult” half.

90 Day Fiancé: Backwards airs Mondays at 8 pm EDT on TLC.

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