A controversial GTA 6 rumor may not end well for young people

A recent grand theft car 6 The rumored story suggests a new addition to Rockstar’s hit crime franchise. Through previous leaks and reports, it has been revealed that the long-awaited title will take place in modern-day Vice City and will follow a Bonnie and Clyde-style duo named Lucia and Jason.

The 90 leaked videos also gave fans a great idea of ​​what new mechanics to expect from the sequel, such as hostage situations and more interiors, but provided few story details. However, after many years of waiting, Rockstar has confirmed the first trailer of GTA 6 will be released in December 2023 to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, and many speculate that this will coincide with The Game Awards.

Lucía can have a child in GTA 6

This would be the youngest character in GTA

According Rockstar UniverseAn internal source has stated that Lucía has a son in GTA 6and that will appear throughout the game’s history. This child is supposed to be small, which would be a first for the franchise, which previously had protagonists with older children, such as GTA 5is Michael, whose children Jimmy and Tracey were young adults and therefore could be involved in some of the shenanigans the franchise is known for.

Michael’s children, Jimmy and Tracey, are 20 and 22 years old, respectively, during the events of GTA 5.

However, Lucía’s son is much younger, which could be problematic if he is placed in certain scenarios due to his parents’ criminal activities. Unlike Michael’s family missions, which saw Tracey appear on overly sexualized reality shows and face threats like stalkers, and Jimmy, who was kidnapped after insulting someone online, Lucia’s son is rumored to only appear in scenes , which could be a way to distance them from the more adult themes of the Grand Theft Auto universe.

Could GTA borrow from Red Dead Redemption?

Jack Marston’s inclusion in RDR2 could pave the way for Lucia’s son

It is possible that grand theft car 6 could approach the inclusion of Lucia’s son similarly to how Rockstar incorporated a young Jack Marston into its other acclaimed open-world series, Red Dead Redemption. In Red Dead RedemptionJack was a teenager and only appeared primarily in cutscenes until players were able to take control of an adult version of him to avenge his father’s death in the game’s epilogue.

In Red Dead Redemption 2However, Jack was much younger at the age of four due to the game serving as a prequel and focusing on the final days of the Van der Linde gang. Red Dead Redemption 2Arthur Morgan’s protagonist was able to interact with Jack when he was at Van der Linde’s camp, and the young man seemed to think fondly of him. A few select missions allowed Arthur to participate in activities such as fishing with Jack and would largely protect him from the brutality of Arthur’s actions in the game as a whole.

However, Jack was kidnapped by the Braithwaite family at one point. Red Dead Redemption 2, who then gave it to Angelo Brontë. Even though this section was the closest Jack came to the darkness of the franchise’s world, Brontë seemed to take good care of the boy, thus sparing him from the criminal activities around him. The Van der Lindes were also able to get him back through an agreement with Brontë, rather than violence, protecting him further.

Could there be other children in the open world of GTA 6?

Having children in GTA could be problematic

A sad young Jack Marston with one of GTA's explosive car chases behind him

Although he Grand Theft Auto The series has avoided the inclusion of children, Rockstar has already introduced them on the boarding school set. Bully and the aforementioned Red Dead Redemption games. However, Jack Marston was the only child to appear in the latter, and the game did not intend for him to get hurt. restrict the use of weapons within the Van der Linde camp where he is for most of the game. It is possible that Lucía’s son appears in a similar capacity where he is only in one of GTA 6‘s shelters, and that weapons may not be allowed there to prevent players from hurting them as well.

Some players were able to damage Jack and the other Van der Lindes by using mods that spawned animals like the legendary crocodile in the camp, or by throwing explosives from outside the camp radius.

Grand Theft Auto Players have always been able to kill any NPC in their path, either with a variety of weapons or by crashing them with different vehicles. This type of chaotic freedom has been one of the franchise’s main selling points, and also its main source of controversy since the original 2D titles of the late ’90s. However, the series largely got its way due to the fact that everyone inhabiting these games seemed to be adults. However, if children began to populate the rest of Vice City, this could be extremely problematic, as it would be more difficult to regulate violent antics within the game’s open world.

Games like Cyberpunk 2077 I just solved this remove the option to shoot when the aiming reticle passed in front of a childand it is possible that GTA 6 I could do the same. However, players will likely try to push the limits of what they can do through explosive radios and mods, as they did in RDR 2and you will simply have the option to drive a vehicle towards civilians regardless of their age, which was not possible in RDRThe camps.

Hopefully, with the trailer finally arriving in December, it won’t be long before Rockstar provides more information on how exactly Lucía’s son will be incorporated into grand theft car 6The history of, or what its new version of Vice City looks like. He GTA The series has always enjoyed its controversy and often tries to up the ante with each entry. However, if players start committing the kind of violent acts the series is known for against children, it might be a step too far for some.

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