All 90 Day Fiancé: Otherwise cast members who returned to the US

Several Americans who appeared in 90 Day Fiancé: Backwards They have returned to the United States after sparking a romance in foreign countries. The famous reality TV spin-off has always featured a lot of drama over the years. More recent, 90 Day Fiancé: Backwards Season 5 gave a platform to some of the most chaotic couples with surprising differences. One of those duos was formed by New Yorker Julio Moya and his Dutch girlfriend, Kirsten Schoemaker. The couple planned to settle in the Netherlands after getting married. However, Julio regretted it and backed out of the relationship before moving to his girlfriend’s home country.

90 Day Fiancé: Backwards Season 5 also featured off-screen drama and controversies. One such incident occurred when Turkish man Sarper Güven revealed that he had joined the program to find his illegitimate child with another woman. Sarper claimed that he wanted to create outreach and use the power of television and social media to locate his only descendant. Another off-screen scandal occurred when newcomers Kimberly Rochelle and TJ Goswami accused former cast members Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten of being fake. The former cast members were not very happy with such accusations and called Kimberly and TJ immature children.

Kimberly Rochelle could not meet the expectations of her in-laws

Over the past five seasons, some Americans have settled in foreign countries while others have returned home. The latest example of the latter is Kimberly from season 5. The Alabama woman was deeply in love with her Indian boyfriend, TJ. However, her feelings about marrying him changed when she traveled to India and she discovered that Indian culture is tradition-oriented and demands sacrifices. Eventually, kimberly She couldn’t coexist with her in-laws or be TJ’s ideal wife. She flew back to Alabama but she has not yet revealed if she is still in a relationship with the Indian.

Shekinah Garner is working in Los Angeles

Fans doubted Shekinah Garner and Sarper’s story from the beginning. The two seemed fake and showed no real romantic connection. Plus, it didn’t make sense for the single mother to leave her life behind and move to Turkey to be with a playboy. Recently, Shekinah published a story promoting a “International Congress of Aesthetics and Spa” in Miami Beach, Florida. She encouraged interested people to meet her at the event, which was supposed to take place in late October. Shekinah’s Instagram Story Reveals She’s Back in Her Hometown working as always.

Easter felt lonely in South Africa

The story of Holly Weeks and Wayne Cornish were baffling, to say the least. The two didn’t seem to have a genuine connection, and the American woman’s eccentric nature made it even more difficult for her to form a bond with her South African boyfriend. Surprisingly, the couple got married and showed great promise as a married duo. Holly planned to start a new life in Wayne’s hometown during the season. However, she changed her mind after feeling lonely in South Africa and returned to the United States.

Nicole Sherbiny is in the United States with Mahmoud

Idaho native Nicole Sherbiny was stuck in a difficult situation with her Egyptian husband, Mahmoud El Sherbiny. She loved him but did not want to adapt to the Orthodox traditions of her family. The couple had insurmountable cultural differences that made them very incompatible. However, they made their marriage work after Mahmoud He gave up his Egyptian life to move to the United States. The couple’s social media posts reveal that they have since arrived in the United States. Mahmoud has been posting content from the US.having a great time with Nicole and her family.

Kris Foster broke up with Jeymi

same sex duo Chris Foster and Jeymi Noguera initially seemed like an ideal couple. However, the American woman’s lies and lack of concern for the relationship made it difficult for the two women to build a future. Kris and Jeymi got married in Colombia with the hopes of starting a family. However, his shady past and Jeymi’s infidelity scandal destroyed their marriage within months. Kris has since returned to the United States and has been doing well. The single mother is still in Alabama. and recently captivated 90 day fiancé fans with their Halloween costume.

Ellie Rose lives in the United States with Victor

Former 90 Day Fiancé: Backwards cast member ellie Rose found her handsome husband, Victor, on the island of Providencia, Colombia. She liked him as her partner and decided to extend her trip and apply for the K-1 visa in a few months. Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship goals took a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, causing numerous delays and issues. Starting in 2023, Ellie has returned to the United States and she brought her husband with her. The two are still going strong and often post photos together on social media. They both have a dog and love to travel.

Brittany Banks never returned to Jordan

Brittany Banks has had the most shocking transformation since the failure of her relationship with Yazan Abu Hurira. At first, she seemed like a great match for her Jordanian partner because of their mutual goals. However, cultural differences and Yazan’s conservative background made it difficult for them to build anything significant. Brittany and Yazan broke up some time after her appearance on television. Fans found out about their split when Yazan got engaged to another woman in April 2021. Brittany He has since moved on to bigger and better things in Georgia. He has transformed physically and has become a model.

Tim Clarkson brought Melyza to the United States

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta 90 Day Fiancé: Backwards surprised many viewers when they made their relationship work even after the infamous cheating scandal. Tim demonstrated his love for Melyza by moving to Colombia. However, he was disappointed that he could not get a job in a foreign country. Tim and Melyza did not give up on their love despite several setbacks. Melyza decided to move to Tim’s hometown., Dallas, Texas, and the couple began a new life together. In December 2022, Tim and melyza welcomed his daughter, Eloise.

Ariela Weinberg lives in Las Vegas with Biniyam

Season 9’s Jibri Bell predicted that Biniyam Shibre would leave Ariela Weinberg. However, the Ethiopian shut down his critical co-star by making it all work and finding a balance with his American wife. After spending years in Ethiopia, ariela and Biniyam settled in the United States. Biniyam has formed numerous careers, from martial arts to his Marvel superhero work. Likewise, Ariela has become a mom influencer and has proven to be an excellent companion. The popular couple has been spotted in Las Vegas since their trip in 90 Day Fiancé: Backwards.

90 Day Fiancé: Backwards airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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