Below Deck Mediterranean: Are Luka and Jessika the Next Hookup? (Everything points to yes)

Luka Brunton and Jessika Asai showed interest during the latest episode of Below deck Mediterranean Season 8, and all signs pointed to a possible connection. Although Luka had begun to show a romantic interest in Jessika., he didn’t always have his full attention on her. Earlier in the season, Luka showed immediate interest in Stew Natalya Scudder. The two hit it off because they are both attractive and come from similar areas: Australia and New Zealand. However, their relationship has been very cold and hot because Natalya has an open relationship with her boyfriend.

At first, Natayla wasn’t sure how to deal with her relationship with Luka because she knew she was attracted to him, but she didn’t know how to deal with the discomforts of an open relationship. At first, Natalya seemed fine with just flirting with Luka, but after discovering that her boyfriend had invited girls over while she was away, Natalya became more open with Luka. The two even kissed and shared a bed for a little while one night. However, after Natalya discovered that her boyfriend had slept with someone else, Natalya wanted to focus on her actual relationship, not Luka.

Luka started flirting with Jessika

During the last episode of Under cover medical In season 8, Natalya began to notice the distance between her and Luka. He was clearly being less touchy-feely with her, and she was sad that the person she felt closest to on board no longer felt close to her. Since Natalya was on bad terms with most of her inner team, Luka’s disdain for her made her feel alone. Since Luka was no longer interested in Natalya, he focused her attention on Jessika. He was all over her at the club, during her last night out, and someone even tried to make them kiss her.

Luka and Jessika then went to the bathroom together, where nothing happened between them, but Luka admitted that he was no longer interested in Natalya. “He felt like she had too much.”luggage” and didn’t want to get involved. Later, Luka and Jessika continued to be together even when they returned to the ship. Luka flirts with Jessika and shows a clear interest in her. He had the same flirting technique when he was interested in Natalya and even Jamiee Neale in Below deck season 2.

Luka is no longer interested in Natalya

Since Natalya no longer wants to have a romantic relationship with Luka, he no longer has any interest in her. Natalya left the lines clear about her jokingly telling Luka to stay away from her after they kissed and shared a bed one night. Although Natalya didn’t want to lose her friendship, it seemed like Luka was just looking for someone to hook up with. Natalya has a lot going on in her personal life and Luka doesn’t want to get caught in the middle. Jessika is much calmer and Luka clearly likes that.

With Jessika, Luka can be playful and fun, somewhat like his relationship with Natalya at the beginning. Luka doesn’t seem to want anything serious anyway, which is why a relationship with Jessika is much more attractive to him. Natalya’s situation is too complicated for him and he just wants something light and cheerful. When Natalya started having problems with his boyfriend, Luka’s interest began to dry up, so he moved on to Jessika.

Looks like Luka needs a boat ride on board

Luka and Jess Below Deck Med season 8 hugging in the dark

Luka is no stranger to boat trips in the Below deck franchise. While she did not have one as a cast member in Below deck season 2, he tried. Luka showed interest in Jaimee, but she was in a relationship with Culver Bradbury at the time. Even though the couple shared a drunken kiss one night, Luka didn’t get to have the full-blown boat dance he would have wanted.

In Under cover medicalLuka puts in extra effort to secure his position on the boat for the season. It didn’t work out with Natalya, so now he’s trying his luck with Jessika. She seemed very interested in him, so they could very well be next. Under cover medical Season 8 Connection. Both Luka and Jessika are single, so it makes sense that they would be the next couple on board.

Below deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9pm EST on Bravo.

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