Berserk prepares its final arc in an exciting new chapter

With all the pieces finally coming together, CrazedThe last chapter of is making good on his promise to continue the late Kentaro Miura’s epic to its proper conclusion. Following Guts and his band of adventurers through a world of darkness, demons and despair since 1989, many fans felt their own despair when Miura sadly passed away in 2021, only to be pleasantly surprised when his former assistants at Studio Gaga turned up. They promised to finish. the story under the direction of Miura’s old friend and confidant, Kouji Mori. In this most recent chapter, this promise finally begins to take greater shape.

Titled “Dawn Breaks Into the Unbreakable Fog of Night,” Chapter 375 seemingly finds Guts’ group of heroes in a desperate situation, but everything may not be as it seems on the surface. A Kushan naval detachment, under the command of Silat, Guts’s long-time rival, appears out of the night to capture the crew and passengers of the ship. The seahorse. Among the prisoners is Guts himself, led to the deck dazed and chained, unable to fight due to his inconsolable grief at having allowed Casca to be kidnapped by Griffith.

Just when this situation seems bleakest, an unexpected friend reveals himself within the Kushan ranks. Rickert, Guts’ former partner in The Band of the Falcon. As slight as this reprieve may seem, what it signals in its entirety may actually be the formation of the alliance that will finally take down Griffith once and for all.

A long and winding road Crazed It could be coming to an end

Guts is gathering a force to be reckoned with

Rickert returns in Berserk

With the conclusion of the “Fantasy Arc”, it seems that Crazed has entered its penultimate phase, with loose ends being drawn together in preparation for the alleged assault on Falconia and perhaps the fated confrontation between Guts and Griffith. Although they are now prisoners, Guts’s group of Black Swordsmen, which includes the witch Schierke, the naval commander Roderick, and the talented warrior Serpico, have joined forces with Silat and his Bakiraka warriors, along with the Kushan dark sorcerer Daiba. While an alliance between these competing forces might normally be out of the question, Rickert’s presence, along with that of his mutual enemy in Falconia and his new Falcon Band, could be an opportunity for these Several factions will unite in a common goal: defeat Griffith.

Possible members of Guts’ army

Where have you been?

The party of the black swordsmen

Traveling with Guts to Elfhelm in an attempt to restore Casca’s mind.

The ancient band of the falcon

Rickert fled Falconia after a contentious meeting with Griffith and now serves in the Kushan military. Casca is Griffith’s prisoner after regaining her sanity.

The crew of “El Caballito de Mar”

Captain Roderick, along with Farnese’s brother Magnifico, joined Guts at the beginning of the Fantasia arc following a Kushan attack.

Bakiraka silat

A former enemy of Guts, Silat now appears to be one of the Kushan’s top military leaders and is planning an attack on Falconia following the death of the Kushan emperor, Ganishka.


The sinister sorcerer Kushan fled to Falconia after his defeat by Guts, before fleeing with Rickert and joining Silat.

It’s the beginning of the end for Crazed

The dark fantasy epic heads to its final showdown

Crazy guts resting on the head of the sword

It’s been 11 episodes since Studio Gaga took the reins of the series and, truly, her adherence to Miura’s naturalistic pacing and psychologically well-crafted characterizations has produced a group worthy of Crazed already. With these more recent subplots finally intertwined, and all the major players put in place, the anticipated and no doubt horribly tragic climax of the series is now getting underway. The question now is, with Casca held captive in a psychic trap by the villainous Griffith, what will happen to lift Guts from the depths of despair and give him the power he needs to defeat Griffith, who completely humiliated him during their last encounter. . .

After Miura’s passing, fans were worried that Crazed it would never be finished. Even after Mori and Studio Gaga took the reins of the series, the long delay between episodes certainly hasn’t made things easier for its devoted fan base. Considering Crazed has been around for almost 35 years, it makes sense that its current authors would want to bring this epic story to its just conclusion soon, and the final chapter seems to hint that the story is finally moving towards its anticipated end.

Crazed chapter #375 is now available from Young Animal Magazine in untranslated form, which Dark Horse Comics will localize at a later date.

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