Best SwitchBot deals to make your home smarter

For Prime Early Access Sale, make sure to check out the SwitchBots

Automating some areas of your home can be pretty awesome because it can make your life so much easier. Plus, some of these smart devices can even help keep your home secure, which is always a good bonus.

Prime Early Access Sale is here to bring huge deals to Prime subscribers again. Saving a lot of money on your purchases is something we all dream of, so why not take advantage of the deals?

SwitchBot Prime Early Access Deals You Want

This Prime special event is available again for Prime members. Some deals from these companies may even be available after the two discount days. Anyway, if you want to get the best deals from Prime Day, you can sign up for Prime membership.

New subscribers can try Prime Music Unlimited and a one-year Grubhub+ subscription, among a host of other goodies.

Let’s see what SwitchBot deals we found:

The bots you’ll love

SwichBot’s little bots aren’t just cute, they’re useful too. The Button Pusher, for example, is a cute tool that presses the light button for you. If you don’t want to spend the big bucks for a smart light switch that requires a lot of work to install, you can get a push button. It’s a lot cheaper and works great with an app on your phone. Add a SwitchBot Hub Mini and you can even use voice control via Alexa, Google Home or IFTTT!

Then the SwitchBot Smart Plug Mini will help you monitor your energy consumption. Even better, you can turn off the night light, or whatever you have plugged in, through your app. The device even works with various smart home hubs, such as Alexa or Google home, so you can use voice control.

The SwitchBot Curtain is also a nice addition to your home as it uses an electric motor to open and close your curtains for you. You can even program the bot to close the curtains when you wake up, which is pretty awesome.

Grab the deals while they’re available

Buying your favorite new gadgets doesn’t have to cost a fortune, as you can clearly see from the SwitchBot prices.

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