Beyonder’s new codename puts a terrifying spin on Marvel’s most powerful species

The beyond’we return to Marvel Comics gives him a new codename and a new perspective on one of Marvel’s most powerful species. The Beyonder first made its debut during the 1984 original. secret wars Series, where he sent a group of heroes and villains to his home world, Battleworld, to fight for his fun. Since then, Marvel has continued to reveal more about the character, including the fact that he is just one member of an incredibly powerful species known as the Beyonders.

Now, Marvel has chosen to revise and expand the story of that initial. secret wars event via Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 by VC’s Tom DeFalco, Pat Olliffe, John Kalisz, Joe Caramagna. The cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Paul Mounts can be seen below. Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 will be available on November 22.

Preview panels of what’s to come can also be seen below, where a collection of omnipotent storytellers coin a new moniker. Although the panels do not yet reveal the narrators’ identities, it may be safe to assume that they are members of the Beyonder’s species, offering additional context to his new nickname: The Defective.

The Beyonder is the defective one

This new series is intended to give readers a glimpse into a never-before-seen adventure from the original. secret wars event. The adventure simply begins with Spider-Man going out for a snack while Reed Richards searches for a way to send everyone home, only for Spidey to wake up in a mysterious space surrounded by monsters, unsure of how he got there. As Spider-Man defends these creatures, he hypothesizes out loud that this is the work of the Beyonder. The narration suggests that it was the narrators themselves (probably the Beyonders) who were responsible, referring to the Beyonder himself as “The defective” at the same time.

Marvel’s past hints at The Beyonder’s future

The Beyonder returns in Avengers

It’s worth noting that in Marvel’s most recent story, the Beyonder was stripped of his powers and reduced to fine cosmic dust by the Lost One, who was originally robbed of his powers by the Beyonders, during the Avengers: Beyond series. At the end of the series it is hinted that the remaining Beyonders will be targeted by this new cosmic force in hopes of regaining their full powers. Knowing this context, it would be interesting to know if the remaining Beyonders actually remember this unseen history. Yeah the beyond is not known as the Defective due to a power hierarchy compared to his fellow species, he could be seen as the Defective in Marvel Comics now, after his powers were taken away and he was turned into a flawed version of his former self.

Everything will be revealed in Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars: Battleworld #1It will hit stores on November 22.

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