‘Bro bout to put Amazon outta business’: UPS driver gets disconnected with just before delivery of 500 packages

'Bro bout to put Amazon outta business': UPS driver gets


In a viral video posted on Sept. 16, UPS employee Sal Duarte (@notmariolopez) participated in a trend where he shows his coworker dumped by his girlfriend. The video was viewed more than 829,600 times on Thursday.

“Bro’s girlfriend broke up with him right before he has to deliver 500 packages,” reads the overlay text on the video.

@notmariolopez Legend has it that he still delivers them #legend #abcxyz #work #union #ups #trending #viral #deliverer ♬ original sound – @Motivation //

In the video, Duarte uses Shakey’s trending sound “Off Them Drugs” that users post behind videos of them in a disturbing circumstance. The trend is for those who just broke up with.

The creator rotates the camera over the UPS cargo hold and lands on his friend who sits opposite him, staring intently at the ground.

“According to legend, he still delivers them,” he added in the caption.

In the comment section, users joked about the driver’s efficiency as he goes through a range of emotions.

“Bro sits like Tom Brady with 14 in Q4,” said one user.

“Bro bouta toss the packages,” commented another.

“Bro bout to Amazon outta business,” said a third user.


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contacted Duarte via Instagram posts.

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