Buy your favorite LG TV, monitor, laptop and more at a discount

LG is jumping on the Prime Early Access Sale cart and slashing prices on some of its biggest products.

Prime Early Access Sale brings us a lot of cool deals also on LG products, whether we are talking about monitors, laptops or TVs. If you’ve got your eye on an LG product, it doesn’t hurt to check to see if it’s on sale.

Of course, we’ve already gone through all the LG deals, so we know some of these will make it into your cart!

Get the best LG deals

Prime Early Access Sale is the second event dedicated to Amazon Prime Members. If you haven’t signed up for Prime yet, you should now, as subscribers can take advantage of huge discounts, as well as a few months of Amazon Music Unlimited, Grubhub+ for a year, and more.

LG has a ton of offers for these two days, so you should check them all out ASAP.




We should mention that this isn’t the full list of LG Prime Early Access Sale deals, so be sure to dive into your wish list as well.

Upgrade your Smart TV and monitor

Having a smart TV with a great screen and top quality monitor is essential for your eye health. The LG OLED C1 is an absolutely stunning TV, with a 4K display and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This TV comes with AI-powered 4K, which is pretty great because it means that even if the quality of the video isn’t that high, it will try to clean up the video enough to make it look like it is. The TV comes with Google Assistant and Alexa built in, so you can control other smart devices in your home or get the answers you’ve been looking for, like who that actor is in the movie you just watched and where you got him. seen before.

Don’t miss any discounts

Prime Early Access Sale is only available for two days, so you have to hurry to get these LG items at such prices.

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