Chicken Run Studio risks running out of clay, only enough left to finish 1 more film

Aardman Animations, the studio behind Chickens race, is facing a crisis. The British company was founded in 1972 and is primarily known for its stop-motion and claymation characters, including Wallace and Gromit. 2000 Chickens race, which follows a group of chickens trying to escape a prison-like farm, was his first feature film. So far they’ve followed that up with eight more films, including Shaun the Sheep Movie, Prehistoric manand the next sequel Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget.

By The Telegraph, Aardman’s future may be in danger. The company’s stop-motion projects have been made from a material known as Lewis Newplast, which was only manufactured in a factory that closed last March. Although they bought the rest of the factory shares, the company may only have enough material left to complete its next 2024. Wallace and Gromit feature and no more Aardman Animations movies unless something can be done.

What’s next for Aardman animations?

Although this situation leaves its usual filmmaking process on the brink, there are several ways in which Aardman can recover. The first would be to find a way to recreate Lewis Newplast, either internally or in collaboration with another factory. That seems the most viable route for the company, whose particular aesthetic is a defining element of his production.

However, claymation is not Aardman’s only form of animation. The company has previously experimented with computer-animated projects, including films. washed and arthur christmas. After the release of the next Wallace and Gromit film, that might be a direction they explore further rather than trying to recreate their preferred stop-motion material.

washed It follows a rat being thrown into the sewer, and the inability to wet the clay models required a computer-generated approach.

It is currently unknown how this shortage will affect future consequences of Chickens raceought chicken cumshot 2The Netflix launch will be a success. The company has also previously announced an upcoming project in collaboration with I want to be like Beckham and Blinded by the light director Gurinder Chadha who could be affected. However, given that their brand is more or less synonymous with stop-motion in the public imagination, it seems likely that they will find a way to recreate Lewis Newplast or settle for other material as close as possible. .

Fountain: The Telegraph

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