Chiefs’ Travis Kelce tells how he was punched in the body by Chargers’ Derwin James


One of the many highlights from the Kansas City Chiefs‘ Week 2 win over the Los Angeles Chargers on ‘Thursday Night Football’ was Travis Kelce being thrown on the turf during a tackle by Derwin James. On his podcast “New Heights” Kelce explained what it was like to be herded into the turf by James.

Kelce, the star of the Chiefs, credited James for being the best “all-round” safety in the league before explaining in detail what happened during the game.

In the third quarter of the game, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes found Kelce in the middle of the field. Kelce said he didn’t even see James coming after the catch. Once James had wrapped Kelce’s bottom half, the tight end knew a world of pain awaited him.

In case you missed it, here’s James landing his finisher on Kelce:

“I’ve been cutting back and he’s like lightning on me,” Kelce said. “He surprised me. Lower man always wins in football. When I felt him wrap his arms around my legs, I honestly chuckled in my head. I’m like, ‘This isn’t about to end well for me now. I’m going up. What goes up must come down.'”

Kelce noted that James checked on him after the ride was over.

“The body slam was funny, but what was even more comical was the fact that after that ride he asked me, ‘Bruh, are you okay?’” Kelce said. “What a great guy, man.”

After watching the movie, Kelce realized that he also played a part in getting himself. Kelce explained that he didn’t know where he was on the field. Kelce said he could have scored if he ran to the corner of the end zone, but he only did it to cut the upfield. That’s why he ran right into James’ clutches.

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“I catch the ball thinking that” [Mahomes] threw me short when the reality is I could have just popped up and run to the pylon and come to the end zone,” Kelce said. “When you watch a movie, you just kick yourself in the head. I deserved to get a power bomb in that situation because I didn’t get it in the end zone. Shoutout to anyone who has grasped fantasy. It was kind of like Derwin James power-bombing your whole fantasy squad while I didn’t get to the end zone.”

Kelce and the Chiefs came out with a big 27-24 win, even though Kelce was a little more sore than usual the next day.