Daredevil’s Amazing Horror Redesign Is How the Self-Hating Hero Really Sees Himself

new art of Reckless shows how Matt Murdock sees himself in his nightmares and exposes how hard Marvel’s most self-hating hero is on himself. Making a big departure from Marvel’s usual art style, the image is part of December’s ‘Nightmare’ variant cover initiative.

Shared on Instagram by artist. Momoko peach (demon wars, Star Wars: Visions – Peach Momoko), the image is one of 26 Nightmare variant covers that will be released throughout December. Momoko’s art exposes the darkest fears of heroes like Wolverine and Captain America, while also showcasing the skilled artist’s personal style.

He Daredevil Nightmare variant will appear on December 6 Daredevil #4, by Saladino Ahmed and Germán Peralta. In the issue, Daredevil will face off against Bullseye as he fights to save his friends, who are being possessed by demons that have apparently followed Matt since his recent foray into Hell.

Daredevil is defined by guilt

Matt Murdock has never seen himself as a hero

While Daredevil fights to embody justice, he has always been a deeply flawed hero, struggling with a barely contained rage that recently led him to accidentally kill a criminal and spend time in prison. Many stories have discussed Daredevil’s overwhelming sense of guilt and self-loathing, and especially how this relates to his faith and the sense that his vigilantism is sinful. In fact, in Judgment Day #4 (Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti), Daredevil was judged on the cosmic level and found wanting.

Taking the form of those his victims felt had the right to judge them, the Celestial of the story appeared to Matt as Jesus on the cross, expressing his condemnation. Instead of being surprised, Matt simply responded: “I know” and continued fighting. In the recent Daredevil #12 (Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto), Matt’s guilt came to a head when he traveled to Hell itself to defeat the Beast of the Hand, telling Elektra, his long-time love interest, that it was the natural end of his journey.

Going to hell for God is the logical end for the Catholic devil.

Momoko’s art shows Daredevil without his eyes, indicating his blindness, but also depicts him as a saliva-spattered demon adorned with the horns of his costume. Daredevil’s large, open mouth may indicate his appetite for worldly sin: Matt is known for both his anger and his lust, which often leads him to betray the women he loves, including the love of his life Karen Page. and his wife Milla Donovan. While the innocents of New York may see the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen as a hero, Reckless has never agreed, and Peach Momoko’s horrible art proves it.

Daredevil #4 will arrive from Marvel Comics on December 6.

Fountain: Momoko peach

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