‘Darkest and scariest’: After 65 years, DC is finally fixing Superman’s most wasted villain

One of the biggest missed opportunities in superman the rogues gallery is gallant, but now the underrated villain is about to get a new story. Often, Bizarro is simply used as dumb muscle that another villain can manipulate, but DC has promised that this new version of Bizarro will be much darker and much scarier.

DC has recently been shaking up many of the Superman mythos both in the Superman and the action comics Titles. The Dawn of DC era has pushed Superman to face new enemies and make new allies. It looks like DC wants to keep this momentum going into 2024, as writer Jason Aaron takes over. action comics (as part of the Superman Superstars initiative) to bring back older villains like Bizarro with a fresh coat of paint.

Aaron has promised that this new version of Bizarro will be “darker and scarier“that whatever the readers have seen before, as reported by Popverse. This new version of Bizarro will be revealed in action comics #1061 by Aaron and John Timms, hitting stores in January 2024.

Superman and Bizarro face off in a new action comics History

Action Comics 1061 Variant Open on Demand (Bachalo) (WIP)

Bizarro is one of the strangest enemies Superman has, and DC has really struggled to nail down a definitive version of the villain. Bizarro has been a Frankenstein-like copy of Superman born from a dysfunctional ray gun; he has been created by Emperor Joker; he has been from another universe; and has been a clone of Superman created by Lex Luthor. With all of these different backstories, it’s no wonder there’s never been a truly definitive version of Bizarro. It seems Aaron wants to remedy this and has set out to give a truly unique take on the strange Man of Steel that will stay with readers for a while.

Superman is incredibly strong, but Bizarro has just as many powers as the Man of Steel. But Bizarro’s power set is twisted: instead of heat vision, he has cold vision, and instead of cold breath, he has flame breath. DC has played with these reverse abilities in the past, but few stories have really delved into the idea that Bizarro also has a twisted mentality. Superman represents hope and truth; While Bizarro has committed crimes and been a physical problem, it is usually due to incompetence or misunderstanding, not evil malice. While the “evil Superman” trope is certainly developed, it’s really strange that the only place it hasn’t been developed is with the inverse Superman character that DC has had for decades.

Bizarro hasn’t reached its full potential

Action Comics 1061 1-50 Variant (Rivera)

There are tons of villains who have challenged Superman both morally and physically, but Bizarro has almost always been more of a bumbling annoyance than an actual threat. It looks like DC has finally decided to change this, as the publisher has promised that the next time Bizarro appears, it will be much darker and scarier than anything seen before. While it is unclear exactly what this means, considering that Gallant is superman On the contrary, things could get very dark very quickly.

action comics #1061 It’s on sale January 9th from DC Comics!

ACTION COMICS #1061 (2023)

Action Comics 1061

  • Writer: Jason Aaron
  • Artist: John Timms
  • Cover Artist: John Timms

Fountain: Popverse

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