Did the RAM sticker ruin your AM5 ASRock motherboard? Here’s how to return it

Like all motherboard manufacturers, ASRock has released new AM5 motherboards for AMD’s latest chipset. New motherboards always come with instructions and covers to remove before first merging with the rest of your PC, but it seems ASRock may have taken it too far. A sticker covering the RAM slots seems to be confusing people’s new AM5 ASRock motherboards, leaving them no choice but to claim the warranty and get a replacement.

But what exactly is happening? And if you are affected, how can you get your money back?

What’s wrong with ASRock’s AM5 motherboards?

ASRock’s new X670E AM5 motherboards had a first-boot behavior that could scare off potential users. After being fully set up with a Ryzen 7000 CPU, a new generation graphics card and DDR5 RAM, trying to boot would result in a very long first POST. Depending on how many RAM sticks you have installed and their capacity, the first boot could take 100 seconds if you have 32 GB RAM (16 GB x 2) and as much as 400 seconds if you have 128 GB RAM (32 GB x 4) .

To make users aware that it is intended behavior rather than a sign that their motherboard is damaged, and to show users where to place RAM sticks to take full advantage of dual-channel memory, ASRock put a sticker over the RAM slots in the motherboard. It had to be an easy-to-remove sticker that users could pull out without any major problems – or at least that’s what ASRock meant.

The problem was that in practice that sticker was not easy to remove for many people. The sticker is of rather poor quality and when trying to remove it the wrong way it tore. This caused shredded paper to stick to the RAM slots, rendering them and the entire motherboard useless. Some users managed to get their motherboard working after spending time removing the sticky residue from the sticker, but for others it essentially meant their motherboard was pretty much dead.

The long boot time issue was resolved with a subsequent BIOS update, which now ships with newer batches of the motherboard. And honestly, there are better ways to teach people which RAM slots to use than sticking a huge sticker covering all the RAM slots. That’s why newer batches of X670E ASRock motherboards are coming without that sticker.

But what happens if you already have one and the sticker caused damage?

You can return your damaged AM5 ASRock motherboard

Fortunately, ASRock is aware of the issue and recommends that users have warranty replacements processed if the sticker did not peel off properly during the initial installation. However, ASRock doesn’t sell motherboards itself, so you can’t have that replacement handled directly by the company.

Instead, you should contact your retailer.

Of course, the process differs per retailer. If you bought it from a store, simply return the motherboard to that store to have it replaced. And if you bought it through an online store such as Newegg, log in to your account and try to process the replacement in the normal way or contact support if you are unable to do so. If you run into any issues while trying to get the replacement, you can bring up ASRock’s notification about the issue.

RAM stickers, not even once

Putting a low-quality sticker over the RAM slots was asking for trouble. Fortunately, ASRock is willing to provide users with a solution. New X670E motherboards from ASRock purchased as of the time of publication should not have this problem. If the ASRock RAM sticker problem has affected you, have yours replaced ASAP.

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