‘Diva’ Golden Retriever waits for paws to be washed after every walk

A video of a “demanding” golden retriever waiting to be bathed in the shower has gone viral.

In the clip posted on TikTok can be seen hereElton the golden retriever clearly exhibits diva-like tendencies.

At the beginning of the video, Elton’s owner walks into the bathroom and sees the dog lying on the shower tray, as if wanting to be washed.

Stock image of a golden retriever
Stock image of a golden retriever. “Golden Retrievers were originally bred to retrieve birds for hunting and that included going into the water sometimes,” meaning some like to splash around, said a dog behavior expert.

Captions on the video read: “So ever since we taught Elton how to shower himself, he started showering himself after every walk and refused to leave until he washes his paws. Little diva.”

Renee Rhoades, founder of dog behavior consultancy R+Dogs, shared News Week that Elton was probably looking for routine.

She added: “Many dogs enjoy a routine in a human world where we can be very unpredictable.”

According to the American Kennel Club, bathing a golden retriever puppy occasionally will acclimate it to bathing, washing and drying later in life.

It said, “Part of the maintenance protocol at this age [8 weeks to 2 years] calls for trimming around paws, ears and tail.

“They generally don’t have a long, thick coat at this point, but this is good practice for you if he/she is small and manageable. Plus, it creates a routine and a comfort zone for both owner and puppy.”

Rhoades added that Elton’s behavior showed that he was often carried to the shower in the past.

She said: “There is also motivation to think and in this situation, with dogs, we force them into situations or we can reward them for the ‘right’ choices they make. It is plausible that this dog enjoys showers because they’ve already found him.” in there.

“My hypothesis is that this is a mix of routine and reward. The dog has a long history of taking a shower after a walk and if he enjoys it he is more likely to repeat this on his own.

“Some dogs love water and will step in at any opportunity, while other dogs will actively avoid it. Golden Retrievers were originally bred to retrieve birds while hunting and that included going into the water at times.

“This gives them a coat that is specially adapted to keep them warm and dry. That doesn’t mean every golden retriever likes water, but they are more likely to enjoy it than most other breeds.”

The video has been viewed more than 213,000 times since it was posted to the eltonthegoldenretriever account. Many TikTokers who commented on the clip said they wish their own pets were that picky.

One wrote, “I wish my dog ​​would do this. What a dream.” Another commented, “Aww, bless him. What a good boy.”

User8335 posted, “Oh Elton, I just love you.”

News Week has contacted Elton’s owner for comment.

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