Dive into your movies at home

Big TVs are great, of course, but wouldn’t it be better to watch your favorite movies on a screen almost the size of your wall? Well, Vankyo has an absolutely brilliant projector that also comes with a 120-inch screen, ready to help you stream anything.

The Vankyo Performance V700W has a lot of features that make you want it for your home or office. The fact that it is small enough to take with you

Reasons That Will Make You Want a Vankyo Performance V700W Projector

The Vankyo Performance V700W protector is a one-stop-shop entertainment center that lets you click “add to cart” in the blink of an eye.

Home theater

Smart TVs have great screens, we admit, but projectors like the Vankyo Performance V700W are excellent too. The projector has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, which means you can enjoy rich images in 1920x1080p.

Furthermore, the device has a brightness of 420 ANSI lumens. This means that everything you watch through this projector is crystal clear. This way your house turns into a warm, cozy cinema.

Even better, you can control the projector using a remote so you don’t even have to get up when you’re in the middle of the movie!

Immersive Sound

The Vankyo Performance V700W is a pretty awesome device that not only helps you watch the shows and movies you love, but also listens to them. The projector has 360-degree sound, which gives you the feeling of being in the middle of a battle, for example.

The device comes with advanced surround sound engineering algorithms and tuning technology. With the help of the powerful dual 5W speakers and Dolby Digital Plus you get a beautiful 360-degree panoramic sound.

You will experience sound like you have never done before and you will be sucked into worlds you love.

Flexible sound

While the Vankyo projector gives you the chance to listen to your movies and shows with panoramic sound, there is also the option to connect to an external Bluetooth speaker. Whether the sound reproduction of your choice is a set of Bluetooth speakers or you go for the soundbar, that’s up to you.

This is a good thing because you may find that you want more power than the projector has to offer in terms of sound, or you may just prefer your normal system. Whatever the reason, you can easily connect it to it via bi-directional Bluetooth 5.1.

Big screen

The Vankyo Performance V700W projector will not leave you hanging. While projecting the film on a blank wall is an idea, it is always better to have a dedicated screen. And this projector comes with its own 120″ screen! Of course, if you want to project directly onto the wall, the image can be as large as 224″.

This will make the people on the screen more or less the same height as you. If that doesn’t make you feel like you’re part of the story, then we don’t know what will.

Easy to view

Another thing we can say about this Vankyo projector is that it uses low blue light emission and has optimal color performance. This means it’s pleasing to the eye, so even prolonged exposure to watching content this way won’t strain your eyes.

The VANKYO Performance V700W is also certified by TÜV Rheinlan, which is absolutely fantastic news because it means that experts have carefully analyzed this product and can confirm that it will not harm your eye health.

Versatile projector

The Vankyo projector can be set up in several ways. You can place it on a table and project the image on the wall, place it behind the projection screen or even mount it on the ceiling.

This means you can adapt to where you want to plug it in. You can even take it with you when you travel or visit friends and family and place it in that new location. Speaking of which, this projector is quite small, measuring just 11.4 x 8.7 x 3.7 inches. The 120-inch screen is also portable, so you can grab them all and go.

Eco-friendly projector

V700W is built with environmentally friendly materials. The box the projector comes in is made from recycled cardboard, while the ink is plant-based and derived from soybeans. The molded tray inside is made from fiber pulp, in an effort to reduce the use of plastic. Overall, this package reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 564.5 g compared to a conventional package.

Your new multimedia center

If you want to enjoy many shows and movies from different streaming platforms, you can easily download the V700W Projector. You can connect it to your game consoles, Fire TV, Nintendo Switch, and so on. You can also stream content from Netflix, Prime Video, Peacock, Disney+, and so on.

The device has two HD ports, two USB ports and one audio.

If you want to use the projector to display your photos or home videos, know that the Vankyo V700W supports multiple video, audio and photo formats. From AVI to MP4, from JPG to PNG, from AAC to MP3 and FLAC, Vankyo has you covered. So if you want to play your wedding video or your child’s recital on the big screen, it’s easy.

Immerse yourself in your movies

With the Vankyo V700W projector, you can immerse yourself in the worlds created for us, seeing bright colors and beautiful lights, as well as impeccable sound quality.

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