Do electric cars need different tires than a regular car?

One problem many novice EV owners face is maintenance. While EVs are very similar to traditional vehicles, they also have significant differences, one example being the type of tires they require.

So do electric vehicles need special tires, and if so, how do they differ?

Do EVs need different tires?

Electric vehicles behave differently from traditional vehicles. Not only are they significantly heavier, but they also accelerate with much higher torque. Therefore, they must be fitted with tires specifically designed to meet these requirements.

Tires designed for electric vehicles are now widely available and have a range of features that improve the performance of EVs. Not only can they handle the extra weight and torque, but they also increase the EV range and make less noise on the road.

If you have an electric car and want optimum performance, this is the only type of tire to buy.

What happens if you use standard tires on an EV?

It is possible to fit standard tires on an electric vehicle, but this is not recommended. While stock tires can be safely used on an EV, you can expect a significant drop in both the performance of your vehicle and the life of the tires themselves.

While it may be tempting to buy the same tires as always or maybe use tires you already own, this isn’t practical.

What’s different about EV tires?

Electric vehicle tires are designed to meet the unique demands of EVs. Here are the main differences between electric vehicle tires and standard tires.

EV tires can withstand extra weight

Electric vehicles are heavier than traditional vehicles. This is largely due to the battery, which can weigh up to 1,000 pounds on its own. EV tires are designed to provide better structural support to account for the extra weight. If you fit stock tires on an EV, not only will they wear out faster, but they may lose their shape slightly, making handling more difficult.

EV tires can withstand extra torque

Electric vehicles have more torque than traditional vehicles. If you’ve driven an electric car, you’ve probably noticed how fast it accelerates. To prevent skidding, EV tires need to provide more traction. This is usually achieved using very wide central rib patterns. This type of tire allows an EV to accelerate quickly without losing traction, regardless of the weather conditions.

EV tires produce less noise

Tires designed in electric vehicles are often fitted with sound-absorbing foam, which makes them significantly quieter than standard tires. Standard tires are not designed this way because the engine drowns out any noise they make. Electric vehicles are designed to be as quiet as possible, and if you fit standard tires the difference in noise is likely to be noticeable.

EV bands can extend range

Electric vehicle tires have a different shape than standard tires. They are usually both larger and narrower (but they are still circles!). This type of tire is designed to reduce rolling resistance, which in turn increases the range of the electric vehicle. Unfortunately, this means that if you replace your EV tires with stock tires, you probably won’t be able to go that far on a single charge.

EV tires offer increased durability

Electric vehicles put extra pressure on the tires. The combination of extra weight and torque causes tires to wear out faster. The tires designed for use in electric vehicles are better suited to this problem. They are usually built with materials such as high-strength resin that prevents them from breaking down so quickly. While EV tires are sometimes more expensive, they are often worth paying for.

Are EV tires more expensive than standard tires?

EV tires are not only more expensive than traditional tires, they also need to be replaced more often. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like a very good buy, but the problem is caused by electric vehicles rather than EV tires.

Tires for electric vehicles are more expensive because they have to have a higher durability. They are also manufactured specifically for EVs, which is a smaller market than standard vehicles, further increasing the price. In addition, despite the special construction, the tires wear out faster than those of a standard vehicle because they have to work harder.

It is important to note that equipping standard tires will not reduce the overall cost as they will require replacement even more often.

Should you buy genuine tires for your EV?

Due to the popularity of electric vehicles, there is now a wide variety of EV tires to choose from. If you’re not sure which one to buy, it’s worth considering the tires that came with your vehicle.

The tires that come with an electric vehicle are often carefully chosen to meet their specific requirements. Electric vehicle manufacturers typically invest a lot of money in this process. If you are satisfied with the current performance of your vehicle, it makes sense to replace the tires with an identical set. However, you will find EV tires from all the major manufacturers, including Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook, Michelin and Pirelli.

The only reason you should opt for something different is if you specifically want to change the way your vehicle handles. For example, some EV tires are better than others at driving in cold conditions.

EV tires are different and worth paying more for

Electric vehicles offer many advantages. But one downside to owning an EV is that you have to spend more on tires, change them more often, and choose from a much smaller selection.

Despite the added cost of EV tires, they are worth paying more for. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of an electric vehicle, meaning they will improve your vehicle’s performance and not wear out as quickly.

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