Dragon Ball GT’s greatest hero is the last Z-Fighter you’d expect

While Dragon Ball GT It is a direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z and features all the heroes from the original series, with special attention to Goku and Trunks in G.T.previous episodes: none of the Z-Fighters that previously appeared in Dragon Ball qualify as G.T.is the greatest hero, as there is a newcomer who proves with a life-saving mission that he is truly the best among them, and he is literally the last Z-Fighter fans would expect.

Dragon Ball GT picks up five years later Dragon Ball ZIt’s the ten-year time jump, and in the first minutes of the debut episode, Goku transforms into a boy after Emperor Pilaf accidentally wishes that strange transformation with the Black Star Dragon Balls.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that the Black Star Dragon Balls are scattered throughout the universe after a wish is granted (accidental or not), and if they are not collected and returned to Earth within a year, the entire The Earth will be destroyed. Goku sets off on a spaceship across the universe with Trunks and Pan to find these Dragon Balls and save the planet.

Gill is the greatest hero of Dragon Ball GT, not Goku or Trunks

The best hero in Dragon Ball GT is Gill.

While traveling through space, Goku and his companions encounter a series of quirky friends and enemies, including a small robot named Gill. Gill is a small, circular android who consumed the Dragon Radar early in the series before fusing with it and becoming the Z-Fighters’ Dragon Radar himself. Gill’s introduction was apparently a way for the showrunners to make Dragon Radar a legitimate character in the universe’s canon, although Gill proved to be much more than just a Dragon Radar with personality.

In Dragon Ball GT Season 1, Episode 15, Pan, Gill, Trunks, and Goku land on a desert planet when Gill alerts them to the fact that a Black Star Dragon Ball is on this world. When they get there, her ship begins to break down, so Goku and Trunks get to work fixing the ship without giving Pan a task as well, making her feel like an invaluable member of the team. Pan then sets off alone to find the Dragon Ball, although she quickly becomes dizzy from heat exhaustion, causing her to collapse in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse, this planet has giant sandworms hiding beneath the ocean of sand. Pan, who is completely helpless at this point, is the worms’ main target, and the one who saves her is none other than Gill.

Gill tracks down Pan after she disappears on this planet before Goku and Trunks realize she’s gone, and when he finds her, Gill fights one of the sandworms, saving Pan’s life in the process. . At the beginning of the episode, Goku fights a sandworm and has trouble defeating it, so if Gill can defeat an enemy that Goku struggled to defeat, it’s clear that Gill’s strength is significant. However, what really takes Gill’s heroism to the top is that he risked his life to save Pan even though she had been nothing but mean and abusive to him since he became part of the crew (something that Pan even comments that Gill is saving her). Then, to top it all off, Gill even finds the Dragon Ball they’re looking for on this planet: single-handedly saving Pan, killing a powerful enemy, and accomplishing his mission to save the Earth without even breaking a sweat.

While Gill was introduced as a fun and light-hearted addition to the team who was surely meant to be comic relief, this episode reveals that he is much more than that, as Gill proves to be the story’s greatest (and most unexpected) hero. . Dragon Ball GT.

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