Enormous Prospects of DC Universe’s Justice League Roster Come to Life in 8-Month Multi-Artist Collaboration

An expanded version of the Justice League comes together in one huge DC Universe Fan art collaboration showing how exciting the newest version of the DC team could be. The DCEU movies have had their ups and downs, but as the franchise prepares to end in December, new hope is coming to life through James Gunn and Peter Safran under DC Studios. Several DC Universe movies and TV shows are in the works as part of Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” which will be Warner Bros. Discovery’s new attempt at helming an interconnected superhero franchise.

The first proper film in the DC Universe will be Gunn’s Superman Legacy, starring David Corenswet as the latest big-screen version of the DC icon. While the world waits for Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” to begin properly, Abe Knapp and several talented artists joined forces in a massive DC Universe collaboration, resulting in a work of art that reportedly took eight months to create.

While Corenswet’s Superman is one of the main heroes who will appear in the mega collaboration, The list includes several Justice League characters who have not yet been cast in Gunn’s DC Universe.. Each slide in the original Instagram post also includes notes about the inspiration each artist used for their respective Justice League hero they designed.

Featured character




bat Man


Wonder Woman


The flash




martian detective




Gold Reinforcement


Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)


mr fantastic




Doctor destiny


Green Arrow


When could a DC Universe Justice League movie actually happen?

With the SAG-AFTRA strike over, DC Studios can move forward and hire more actors for the next DC Universe. However, while working on multiple projects, a League of Justice The movie has not yet been announced for Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters.” It’s key to remember that when Gunn and Safran made the initial announcement in January, they clarified that the announced DC TV shows and movies were just half of Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” which could theoretically mean a League of Justice The movie is secretly in the plan.

However, it’s crucial to note that one of the things the DCEU struggled with was the pace of its buildup toward the Justice League. Because of this, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the DC Universe took a little longer to establish a Justice League roster before a team-up movie, perhaps even waiting until after Chapter 1 and letting the first period of the franchise is simply established. his main heroes. Although this version of the DC Universe will already have many established superheroes, many of them are still in the early stages of their journey, as is the case with Clark Kent in Superman: legacy.

Featuring Justice League heroes like Hawkgirl, Green Lantern and Mister Terrific in Superman: legacythe film could at least plant the seed of a League of Justice movie to get things going for Chapter 2. That being said, right now, a League of Justice The film is not something the franchise should rush, as it is best to let the new world and its characters establish and grow organically. But when the time comes right for a League of Justice If the movie ends up happening, it will be exciting to see what that team looks like in the future. DC Universe.

Fountain: Abe Knapp/Instagram

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