Entertainment Executives Interested In ‘Chad Powers’ TV Show With Eli Manning, Per Report


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New York Giants legend Eli Manning’s his burgeoning media career took it to the next level earlier this week when his portrayal of Chad Powers — a 26-year-old quarterback trying as a walk-on at Penn State — took off online. Disguised as the long-haired and outrageous Powers (‘Not just handsome. I can throw it, baby!’), Manning joked with the Penn State coaching staff during ESPN’s Eli’s places give rave reviews.

Powers’ reception has been so positive that everyone from the public to media decision-makers is begging for more. According to a report from TMZ SportsPeyton Manning-owned Omaha Productions has been “flooded” with requests to produce more Chad Powers content, with the most ambitious idea being a TV show based on the character.

The reported concept of a Chad Powers TV show would be similar to the hit show Ted Lasso, a series about an American football coach who is hired to run an English football club. Further details, including whether more Powers content even nearly got the green light, were not disclosed.

It should be noted that Manning has other media interests outside the Eli’s places and the Chad Powers character. Manning is the co-host of ESPN’s Manning cast along with brother Peyton on Monday Night Football, and he also hosts The Eli Manning showa YouTube show produced by the New York Giants, starring him and former Giants center Shaun O’Hara.

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