Even Dragon Ball Super fans missed the epic Tournament of Power sequel

The Tournament of Power arc was one of the most anticipated sagas in Dragon Ball history. With the promise of dozens of the multiverse’s most powerful warriors fighting in an all-out battle royale, fans were on the edge of their seats as Goku and company fought their way to the finish. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission decided to emulate that hype and success with the introduction of a Even Greater Tournament: The Super Space-Time Tournament.

Although its name is a bit complicated, the Super Space-Time Tournament has a surprisingly simple premise. There are twelve teams, each with seven members. Teams are selected from alternate timelines rather than different universes, which has led to several characters from different universes being on the same team.

Most of the Z Fighters are on Team 1, which consists of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Yamcha, Jiren, and Hit. However, these familiar faces are just the tip of the iceberg, as the Super Space-Time Tournament delves deeper into Dragon Ball tradition to find their combatants.

The super space-time tournament is bigger than the tournament of power

Dragon-Ball-Super-Space-Time-Tournament Manga

Other teams that are part of the The Super Space-Time Tournament recovers some forgotten and exclusive characters from the film. Even characters who made up the lower ranks of the Red Ribbon Army, such as Ninja Murasaki and General White, are present in this tournament, which must mean that in some strange alternate history, the Red Ribbon Army was made up of the strongest warriors in the universe. . Other warriors attending the tournament include Ginyu Force, Lord Slug Force, Babidi’s minions, and Garlic Jr.’s Spice Boys.

The Super Space-Time Tournament is undoubtedly one of the wildest events in the world. Dragon Ball history. The winner of the tournament was promised “divine prizes”, while the losers, as in the Tournament of Power, have their timelines erased. Aside from the almost forgotten characters, the fighters also contained a number of alternate versions of the Z Fighters in the timeline, such as the “Xeno” versions of Team 2. Both Frieza and Mecha Frieza are also present in different teams, and even G.T. Characters like Super 17 appear. The narrator of the series also expands Dragon Ball lore giving an exact number for the main timeline’s place in history, being History: 76,434,925,761.

The Super Space-Time Tournament took everything from the Tournament of Power up a notch and allowed for some unexpected pairings between characters with little in common. Most notable are the two-man teams of Jiren and Yamcha, classic Gohan and Piccolo, and even Hit and Pan from Universe 6. The tournament wasted no time pitting the characters against each other in long-awaited battles, such as the highly anticipated Jiren versus Broly, offering fans the response to one of the most talked about confrontations in Dragon Ball history. While the Super Space-Time Tournament has dubious canonicity, it matters little with this degree of time travel at work, and is a real treat to Dragon Ball fans of all kinds.

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