Every Playable Super Mario RPG Character, Ranked From Worst to Best

Party composition is the key to success in Super Mario RPG. It is not as important as other RPGs originated by Square Enix, such as Dragon Search and Final Fantasy series, but since the party is more customizable than other Mario RPGs, say, the Mario and Luigi RPG series, it makes a difference. Players can have up to three characters in their parties at a time and, exclusive to the Super Mario RPG remake, you can swap characters at any time during a battle for added flexibility.

There is five playable characters in Super Mario RPG: Mario himself, Princess Peach, new characters Geno and Mallow, and, somewhat moving away from his typical role, Bowser. Some of them are accessible from the beginning, while others are unlocked as the player progresses through the game. Their usefulness in a fight is determined not only by their inherent stats and abilities, but also by when they can be recruited and the selection of equipment they can equip. With all that in mind, here are the five playable characters in Super Mario RPGranked from worst to best.

5 bowser

The perennial villain at his worst

Mario’s most formidable enemy is much less scary in Super Mario RPG. When he’s first recruited, Bowser is pretty decent. His strength, defense, and maximum HP are some of the highest in the game. The problem is that, in later levels, Bowser’s stats simply don’t compare to the other playable members of the party.. All characters’ stats decrease as they level up, but Bowser’s suffers one of the most notable drops. His special attacks are some of the least effective moves available, especially compared to more powerful offensive characters.

Add to that the lack of decent, high-level gear available for Bowser, and he’s unfortunately the worst playable character in mario role playing game. However, he maintains a fairly high maximum HP at all times, with the highest potential HP when he reaches his level cap. That makes him quite useful as a tank, but his poor equipment means he’ll take more damage with each attack.

4 Mallow

a little soft

mauve is Super Mario RPGresident spellcaster, and as a result, he is a great offensive option. Mallow has some of the best special attacks in the game, especially her special level 18 Star Rain. Star Rain can damage all enemies at once, making it easy to take out entire groups in one hit. Mallow’s special attacks also have relatively low FP costs, so she can perform powerful attacks without worrying about using up all her resources.

The problem with Mallow is that his relatively low defensive stats and maximum HP make him an easy target. for enemies. Mallow needs careful defense, or he will be constantly knocked out, leaving the rest of the group at an offensive disadvantage. The equipment available to him marks a relative improvement over Bowser’s, so he can defend himself a little better at higher levels. And since he was recruited early on, he can prove to be quite useful before tougher enemies start showing up.

3 Princess peach

The Priceless Healer

Princess Peach fawns over a butterfly in a screenshot from Super Mario RPG.

Although she was kidnapped near the beginning of Super Mario RPGPeach eventually escapes and is able to join the playable party. Her role is that of archetypal healer, which makes her indispensable in certain encounters. – especially boss fights. His specials are primarily used to restore the party’s HP and revive them when they are knocked out, but at higher levels, he can learn moves that inflict status effects on enemies.

At level 18, Peach can also learn the special offensive psych bomb, which is especially useful as it deals non-elemental damage, meaning enemies with elemental resistance are affected just like everyone else. He also has pretty good defensive stats and a max HP that rivals Bowser’s. Its only weakness is that it can’t do much damage.; Peach is strictly a member of the defensive team.

2 Mario

The high damage hero

Of course, as the protagonist and only permanent member of the party Super Mario RPG, Mario himself is one of the best playable characters.. Like most RPG protagonists, he starts out with pretty decent stats across the board and can be customized a bit to the player’s preferences as he levels up. Mario specializes in physical attacks, especially jumping, and learns several useful special functions as he levels up. At level 14, he gains the multi-target Ultra Jump, which can deal over 10,000 damage to multiple enemies with the right levels, equipment, and timing.

Mario can also learn some fire magic spells, and his level 18 special, Ultra Flame, is his most powerful ability. But even his basic attacks are quite reliable, and with the wide variety of equipment available to him, Mario can be equipped to withstand almost any attack. However, he pales in comparison to the final playable character in Super Mario RPG.

1 geno

A fan favorite, and for good reason

Geno is the best character Super Mario RPG for a wide variety of reasons. First, it has the best starting attack stat in the game. His natural attack and defense are superior to Mario’s, and his specials, while difficult to time, can be incredibly powerful. In particular, the level 11 Geno Whirl attack can deal up to 9999 damage if timed correctly.

Most importantly, however, Geno has access to the move Geno Boost. starting at level eight. This increases your attack power by 50% and, if timed correctly, has the same effect on your defense. As a result, this ability grows with Geno and is as powerful at level 30 as it was at level one. However, it only costs four FP each time it is used, providing the most value for the player’s money of any skill in Super Mario RPG.

Thankfully, Super Mario RPG It’s not too difficult overall. While party composition makes a difference, most playable character builds will be able to defeat most enemies in one way or another. Certain characters work better with each other: Peach can be a big help in keeping Mallow alive, or Bowser can focus on defense while Mario and Geno take the offensive. But in general, it doesn’t matter. Players are encouraged to experiment with unique character combinations in Super Mario RPGAnd with group switching on the fly, it’s easier than ever.

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