Find content with audio descriptions on Netflix

Netflix is ​​accessible to everyone; you just need to find the right title. This is how you find movies and TV shows with audio descriptions on Netflix.

Audio descriptions serve as narration describing what is happening on the screen. This optional feature can describe actions, facial expressions, costumes, scene swings, and settings while the content is playing.

How to find which titles with audio descriptions on Netflix

Fortunately, for some, audio descriptions are available for most Netflix streaming content, including the original content. And the platform is consistently adding new titles to the list.

To determine which episodes and movies are enabled with audio descriptions, go to Netflix’s audio description page.

If you’re mobile, all you need to do is open the Netflix apps and click . to tap Categories near the top of your screen. Then scroll down and tap Audio Description.

To find out which Netflix titles have audio description enabled before purchasing a subscription, you can find a list of current offerings at the Audio Description Project webpage.

It is important to note that not all TV shows include audio descriptions for every episode on the Netflix platform. If Netflix doesn’t have audio descriptions available for the title you want to watch, try other streaming platforms. For example, you can also enable subtitles and audio descriptions on Amazon Prime Video.

Enable Audio Descriptions on Netflix

Now that you’ve found a title with audio descriptions, you need to enable it. This is how you do it:

  1. Play the show or movie with audio descriptions you want to watch.
  2. Tap mobile on the screen. On smart TVs and game consoles, press the down or up arrow on the remote.
  3. Then select the Audio and Subtitles box.
  4. Choose under the audio section Audio Description. If it doesn’t appear, there are no audio descriptions available for that particular title.

To save your preferences, you need to set the audio and subtitle box settings for a title with a teen maturity rating or above. All child content settings are applied only to that title and not to the entire account.

Stream audio description content with Netflix

With over 2,000 titles from every genre, including kids’ content, Netflix is ​​an excellent source for streaming audio-described content.

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