Futurama season 12: renewal, cast and everything we know

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Futurama Discussions about season 12 have been rife since the rebooted show was a huge hit for Hulu, and details are starting to emerge about what’s next for Planet Express Crew after season 11. Futurama It officially ended in 2013 with season 10, and the finale wrapped up Fry’s story perfectly. However, the episode also kept open the possibility of a revival, and Hulu took full advantage of the ambiguity. Futurama Season 11 returned to Planet Express as if absolutely nothing had changed, leaving the door open for Futurama season 12 and beyond too.

The fact Futurama having lived to see a possible season 12 is an achievement in itself. The 10-year gap between seasons 10 and 11 was not a surprise, since Futurama The history of being canceled and renewed by different networks is a seemingly endless cycle. Fox stopped buying episodes of the series halfway through production of Futurama Season 4 and the show was acquired by Adult Swim between 2007 and 2009. Comedy Central then acquired the rights and ordered three more seasons. Hulu then revived the show in 2023 and already has more seasons in mind.

Latest Futurama Season 12 News

While the writing was on the wall for season 12 since the premiere of 11The most important news about the series is that Futurama It has also been renewed for seasons 13 and 14. This news has huge implications for the future of the beloved animated series in its new home on Hulu, and it’s clear that the streamer has a lot of confidence in the series. Only the most successful television shows get multi-season orders, and Futurama It’s clearly a property Hulu intends to hold on to for years to come.

Futurama season 12 confirmed

Calculon in a river in Futurama season 8 trailer

Futurama Season 12 is expected sometime in 2024., and the new season renewal is overshadowed by Hulu’s ambitious multi-season order for the animated sci-fi comedy. Little else has been revealed about the new season, but it’s definitely happening as Hulu also hopes to see seasons 13 and 14 in the coming years.

Futurama season 12 cast

Dwight and Hermes limbo to avoid bullets in Futurama season 8 trailer

Futurama It’s not exactly a series where any of the main characters are likely to die, and he Futurama The season 12 cast will likely see the return of the entire Planet Express crew. This wholesale return means audiences can expect to see familiar cast members like:


Futurama characters

Billy West

Philip J. Fry/Professor Farnsworth/Dr. Zoidberg/Zapp Brannigan

Katey Sagal


John DiMaggio


Phil LaMarr

Hermes Conrado

loren tom

Amy Wong

Futurama season 12 story

Linda on TV reporting on Explovid-23 in Futurama Season 8

He Futurama The story of season 12 can go in either direction., as the series is known to be totally unpredictable, especially since there is never an overarching season narrative. However, since the show also often satirizes real-life events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic episode in Futurama season 11, it’s easy to speculate what could happen in Futurama season 12. The season could poke fun at all the strikes in Hollywood, or it could get even more meta by joking about “Bendergate,” which was the name fans gave to the salary negotiations.

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