Genshin Impact Natlan Release Date Predictions (Based on Previous Updates)

The exact release date of Natlan in Genshin Impact It is unknown, but it is possible to predict a time period in which the new area will be added to the live service game. Natlan is the sixth Teyvat nation to arrive in the HoYoverse RPG and its reigning element is Pyro, the title’s equivalent of fire. Natlan has been mentioned several times before and is expected to debut in 2024, as the developer previously announced in its post-launch schedule. However, it does not have a set release date yet. The focus, for now, is on Fontaine and the relevant updates to Hydro’s land.

In 2023, HoYoverse added Fontaine to Genshin Impact, substantially increasing the size of the playable map, as well as allowing players to attune the Traveler to Hydro, meet a full roster of new characters, and experience a regional story through Archon Quests, which connects to the larger, imminent narrative arc. . Some details were already known about Natlan, but with the events that took place in Version 4.2, more information about the Nation of Pyro was revealed, as the Traveler prepares to leave for the next destination on his journey in search of his lost brother. , even if that may still take a while.

Neuvillette revealed more details about Natlan in Genshin Impact

The information about Natlan was revealed by the Hydro Dragon Sovereign, Neuvillette, after the main boss fight against the All-Devouring Narwhal and the conversation with Skirk in Genshin Impact. The location came up in conversation with the Traveler as they prepared to depart Fontaine and head to the next region to continue the search for his brother. While Neuvillette went over some details that were already known, he offered more information about what players can expect once they arrive in the Nation of Natlan. However, it may be a few moths before players gain access to the Pyro region.

When will Natlan be added to Genshin Impact (Pyro region release date predictions)

Although Natlan does not have a definitive release date as of yet, as the content itself is likely still in development, it is possible to predict when HoYoverse plans to release it. Natlan’s release is probably related to Genshin Impact 5.0, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the game will make it all the way to Version 4.9 before moving on to the big annual update. In fact, prior to Fontaine’s release in Version 4.0, the title effectively skipped Version 3.9, meaning similar behavior may occur during the current year of content.

The previous year, HoYoverse also skipped Version 2.9 before entering Version 3.0 and the release of Sumeru.

There is a regular six-week schedule between Genshin Impact updates and, based on this, it is possible to predict that the release date of Natlan through Version 5.0 will occur in August 28, 2024. Of course, this is if version 4.9 is removed from rotation, as the more recent x.9 patches have not been produced. This also takes into account that there will be no delay in game updates: there have been no content delays since version 2.7, and since then the game has consistently and rapidly received new content patches every six weeks.

The August 2024 release date prediction for Natlan is also in line with most of the big annual updates from Genshin Impact. They always occur in the summer: Fontaine’s release in version 4.0 occurred on August 14, while Sumeru’s addition via version 3.0 occurred on August 24, 2022. While the August 28 release date 2024 for Natlan is impossible to concretely determine at this time, it seems like the more accurate prediction based on previous releases and the game schedule.

Inazuma’s release with version 2.0 is the only exception, as it arrived on July 21, 2021, but that was before version 2.7 and its delay, which delayed all subsequent updates.

Story details about Natlan in Genshin Impact

The Fatui Harbinger known as The Captain in Genshin Impact.

In Teyvat, Natlan is the Nation of Teyvat that is ruled by the Pyro element in Genshin Impact. As had already been determined and then reinforced by Neuvillette’s conversation at the end of Archon Quests in Version 4.2, Natlán is also a nation of war and one that is continually plagued by the conflicts that develop there. According to Neuvillette, his intelligence informed him that the Fatui Herald known as The Captain is involved in the fighting in Natlan and has “threw his hat into the nation’s endless circle of war.” Exactly what that means is still unknown.

However, considering the modus operandi of the Snezhnayan group and its continued efforts to infiltrate nations, it is possible to speculate a bit about what is going on. It is likely that, once again, the Herald of Fatui in Genshin Impact It will instigate internal conflicts and further expand the imperialist rule of the Fatui over foreign nations. Apart from the presence of the Fatui and their possible support for a proxy warOther details about Natlan were revealed when he spoke to Neuvillette at the end of the main Archon missions of version 4.2, also known as the “Final” mission in Chapter IV: Act 5.

According to Neuvillette, Natlan is a dragon region. However, these creatures are not elemental dragons, like Neuvillette or Apep in Genshin Impact, but lesser species of life. They are expected to look more like the vishaps found in Liyue, for example. The dragons of Natlan have evolved and learned to coexist with humanity, which may even mean that they integrate parts of the tribes that make up the social structure of the area. Natlan is said to be located west of Sumeru, beyond the Great Red Sand. The game also mentions that Natlán has several hot springs that were created from the severe volcanic activity in the region.

Natlan is known to have had at least two Pyro Archons, one of which is called Murata. She is also known as the Fire Lady, although her status is a mystery; In fact, it has been over 1000 years since Murata’s status was a secret. Aside from the smaller tidbits spread around Teyvat and Neuvillette’s recent revelations, little else is known about Natlan so far. More information about the land of Pyro should be shared as the game progresses and gets closer to Genshin Impact 5.0.

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