Genshin Impact: What Happened to the Hydro Archon Focusers (In Detail)

Hydro Archon Focusers in Genshin Impact was featured heavily in Version 4.2, the update that concludes the first part of the Archon questline set in Fontaine. Focalors, which is also known by the name Furina in Genshin Impact, is the second Hydro Archon of the Nation of Justice and Egeria’s successor. The first Archon died during the Cataclysm, and Focalors is the only one the Traveler encounters during his stay in Fontaine. Furina is a charismatic entity with a personality that thrives on style; However, there have been signs that there is much more to her than her love of theatrics.

Since players first encounter her, Furina seems to be hiding a secret. There are several instances in which she appears questioning herself and the events that occurred in Fontaine. In fact, she is completely stunned when Childe is found guilty by the Oratrice Mecanique d’Analyse Cardinale, who directly opposed Neuvillette’s verdict. Later, Furina begins to experience intense anxiety due to the impending prophecy in Genshin Impact, which states that the sea will devour all the Fontainians, and she will be left alone on her throne, crying. With Version 4.2, the mysteries behind Furina’s behavior and the prophecy itself have now been revealed following a series of shocking events.

Furina was the false archon in Genshin Impact

As seen in the events that take place in Chapter IV: Act V of Archon Quests, Furina is not the real Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact, but a completely separate entity from Focalors. Furina is a human vessel held in the seat of the Hydro Archon to deceive the Celestial Principles and does not possess any aspect of divinity. She was just an actress. Furina played the role at the behest of Focalors for 500 years, but Neuvillette and the Traveler discovered that she was a fraud when the prophecy began to encroach. However, that was timely enough for Focalors to put their plan into action.

What was the focalors’ plan in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact's Hydro Archon spotlights smile as chairs float behind her.

The Focalores’ plan was to save human lives in Fontaine. The second Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact She learned of the prophecy and assumed the burden left by her predecessor, Egeria. During her reign, the first Archon transformed the Oceanids into human beings, an act that was condemned by the Celestial Principles of Celestia and that will be punished in due time; this punishment was the prophecy. The punishment would cause the Primordial Sea to rise once again and engulf Fontaine, thus turning the humans back into Oceanids, leaving nothing but the Hydro Archon on his throne.

Although Egeria was killed in the Cataclysm, the punishment was inherited by Focalors.

The new Hydro Archon knew that she could not prevent the Primordial Sea from rising and, subsequently, the prophecy from coming true. Thus, Focalors created the Oratrice in Genshin Impact, a machine that functioned as a judge in the Fontaine court, but that promoted Indemnitium. Although some of this energy was used in Fontaine’s daily operations, the Focalors also collected it for Create a giant Indemnitium sword.. Meanwhile, Furina played his role as Hydro Archon to keep the Fontainian population in line and keep Focalors’ plans unaware. However, the most important part of his role was to deceive the Heavenly Principles.

Because gathering enough Indemnitium for Focalors’ plan would take time, Furina pretended to be the Hydro Archon for five centuries, an act that took its toll on her. She didn’t know when the Focalors would act and relieve her of her duty. During the events of Chapter IV: Act V of Genshin ImpactNeuvillette and the Traveler become suspect of Furina’s identity like Hydro Archon and have her judged. Ultimately, the evidence shown results in the Focalors being deemed guilty of deceiving the population of Fontaine, and the punishment is the death of the Hydro Archon. This is when players discover that Furina and Focalors are separate entities.

The outcome of the trial is to some extent announced by Focalors herself, as she had planned centuries ago. The Hydro Archon realized that the only way to stop the rising waters of the Primordial Sea is to return Hydro’s powers to its original owner, the Hydro Dragon Sovereign; this creature is Neuvillette in Genshin Impact. To clarify, the powers of the elemental dragons of Teyvat, which originally ruled the world, were stolen by the Primordial and was used to create the seats of the Seven Archons. The only way to restore a dragon’s power would be to destroy the seat of the Hydro Archon.

The Focalors knew this, so their plan was to execute themselves, thus destroying the seat of the Hydro Archon and returning Hydro’s authority to the dragon that rules Fontaine in Genshin Impact. However, it took him a long time to do so because he had to gather a large amount of Indemnitium to create a weapon powerful enough to kill a god. Fortunately, his plan was put into motion just before the prophecy. Following Furina’s trial, Focalors is executed and, in doing so, returns the Hydro Authority to Neuvillette. With all his power restored to him, Neuvillette ascends and is able to absolve the Fontaine people of their crimes.

When you do this, Fontainians touched by the Primordial Sea will no longer transform back into Oceanids. In fact, the punishment imposed by the Heavenly Principles It occurred, when rising sea water engulfed the entire region, but the people of Fontaine did not pay the price; Instead, it was the Hydro Archon who accepted the punishment and used his own death to keep the Fontainians safe in Genshin Impact. After this, water levels decreased and peace was restored to the region.

Furina was also relieved of her duty, abdicated the responsibility of impersonating the Hydro Archon, and went on to live as a normal human being.

Is Neuvillette the new Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact?

Although the Focalors died and returned Elemental Authority to the Dragon Sovereign of the region, Neuvillette is not the new Hydro Archon. When Focalors was executed and returned the Hydro Authority to the Dragon Sovereign, he effectively shattered the Hydro Archon’s seat among the Seven in Genshin Impact. This means there is no longer room for a Hydro Archon in Teyvat. The only way a new Hydro Archon would be born now is if the Primordial stole the Neuvillette Authority once again and gave it to a new god.

Among the five nations of Teyvat thus far, Fontaine is the only one that lacks an Archon and is overseen by the original Elemental Sovereign. Neuvillette has agreed to remain at Fontaine and perform his usual duties for as long as necessary, even if his dragon status has been fully restored. What the extermination of an Archon seat on Celestia means and how the Celestial Principles will react remains to be seen. Genshin Impact moves into its third year of content.

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