Ginny and Georgia Season 3 Wish List: 10 Things We Want to See

Warning: This article mentions eating disorders.

Ginny and Georgia has kept viewers on their toes for two seasons, and with a confirmed renewal from Netflix, there are plenty of things that need to happen in season 3. Ginny and Georgia focuses on the unbalanced dynamic between the titular mother-daughterr duo, 30-year-old Georgia Miller (played by Brianne Howey), and 15-year-old Ginny Miller (played by Antonia Gentry). After the death of Georgia’s wealthy older husband, she, Ginny, and her son, Austin (played by Diesel La Torraca), move to their forever home in an affluent suburban neighborhood. However, Georgia’s past quickly catches up with her.

In May 2023, Netflix announced that Ginny and Georgia was renewed for seasons 3 and 4. While the show was already exploring some pretty big themes in season 1, Ginny and Georgia took on a much darker tone in Season 2. A lot was left up in the air at the end of Season 2, including The huge suspense of the murder arrest in Georgia. There’s a lot to work through in Season 3, including loose ends to tie up and established threads to continue. Although it is still unknown when Ginny and Georgia Season 3 will be released, now that the SAG-AFTRA strike has concluded, production could begin at any time.

10 Marcus and Ginny can heal themselves

The Fan-Favorite Couple Shouldn’t Get Back Together Just Yet

Marcus (played by Felix Mallard) and Ginny’s relationship got off to a rocky start, and only became rockier when Marcus’ twin sister and Ginny’s best friend Max (played by Sara Waisglass) discovered they had been seeing each other. behind their backs. . They made a cute couple and even helped each other in some ways, but Marcus was dealing with too many things to be a good boyfriend for her. Although it devastated Ginny, their breakup turned out to be a healthy decision for both of them. They remained friends and promised to continue supporting each other.

Maybe Ginny and Marcus can get back together at some point, but the show made it clear that they both need some time apart to deal with their mental health before they can get back into a relationship. Hopefully, season 3 will focus on both characters’ healing journeys: Ginny from self-harm and Marcus from substance abuse and depression. With Ginny in therapy and Marcus focusing on himself, they could be headed toward a season 4 revival.

9 Wellsbury High presents another musical

Max must return to the stage

In season 1, Max stars in the school play, Sing Sing: A musical about love behind bars. Centered on the inmates of a women’s prison, it is similar to chicago, although Max would be bothered by the comparison. In season 2, Max stars in another musical called Wellingtonin which she plays a love-hating witch alongside Bracia (played by Tameka Griffiths) as the lead. max. ends up finding a new love interest in Silver (played by Katelyn Wells), the costume designer for Wellington.

The musicals in Ginny and Georgia are super impressive, given that they are both original productions written just for the show. The music, costumes and performances of the stage actors are fantastic and viewers can see full scenes and musical performances from both productions on Ginny and Georgia. Hopefully, season 3 will include another musical, with Max and Bracia killing it on stage while Silver kills it behind the scenes.

8 Max and Silver become a couple

Max deserves a love that lasts

Max kisses Silver in Ginny and Georgia

Marcus once described Max as “emotionally brave” Which couldn’t be more true. After his first girlfriend, Sophie (played by Humberly Gonz├ílez), breaks his heart, Max admits that he is hesitant to pursue someone new because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. However, after Marcus confirms that Silver is single, Max asks for permission to kiss her, to which Silver replies: “Hell yeah!” Silver seems to be a more suitable match for Max than Sophie because Max doesn’t feel too intimidated by her or see her as some kind of God, like he did with Sophie. We’re hoping for a Max-Silver relationship in season 3 that lasts.

7 Abby stays away from the press (and helps Samantha)

Abby and Samantha need help, and the boy is bad news

Abby in her room at Ginny and Georgia.

Throughout the first two seasons, Max and Ginny’s friend Abby (played by Katie Douglas) has quietly suffered from severe body image issues and an untreated eating disorder. Due to her low self-esteem and the stress of her parents’ divorce, Abby seeks the affection of Press, a boy in her friend group who calls her frequently. “whale legs” and treats her horribly. In reality, Abby doesn’t like Press and she’s just looking for validation or longing for companionship. If they continue dating or even start dating, nothing good will come of it. In season 3, Abby needs to avoid Press and get help.

It would also be nice to see Abby reach out to her enemy, Samantha, who she overheard vomiting in the bathroom at a party, the same bathroom Abby was doing the same thing in in season 1. This makes Abby realize that she doesn’t the only one who fights against bulimia. However, after Samantha leaves the bathroom, Abby repeats the scene. Both girls struggle with the same problem and if they talked about it together in season 3, they could help each other.

6 Norah has a real story for herself

Justice for Nora

Norah from Ginny & Georgia lies on a bed and smiles at one of her friends.

While Norah (played by Chelsea Clark) is a central part of Ginny’s friend group, MANG (Max, Abby, Norah, Ginny), she is the only one of the four members who has never had her story told from her perspective. Norah is always indirectly involved in her friends’ drama or angry with her boyfriend, Jordan (played by Colton Gobbo). The closest she came to an actual plot was in season 1, when she freaked out when she found out that Georgia keeps guns in the Miller house. It would be nice for viewers to see Norah outside of the context of MANG or her relationship with Jordan.

5 Joe moves from Georgia and becomes happy

It’s time to let go, Joe

Joe (played by Raymond Ablack) and Georgia’s origin story is adorable. They met when they were teenagers, Joe lent Georgia her sunglasses, she kept them and they never saw each other again. That is, until Georgia moved to Wellsbury when she was an adult and her paths crossed once again. Joe has had a huge crush on Georgia since he met her., and throughout season 1, there was always doubt about whether Joe and Georgia would get together; They came close, but they never did it. At the end of season 2, Joe puts all his cards on the table with Georgia, but she still chooses Paul (played by Scott Porter). Joe needs to move on and find someone who loves him too.

4 Georgia’s half-sister Maddie returns

Another blast from the past

Maddie and her son in Ginny & Georgia

In season 1, episode 5, “Boo, Bitch,” Georgia’s half-sister, Maddie (played by Kelly McCormack), and her son, Caleb, visit the Millers and bring back old memories for Georgia, whose real name is Mary. After Georgia ran away from home, Maddie went to look for her, but Georgia ultimately rejected her, putting baby Ginny in danger. Now an adult, Maddie tells Georgia that after she kicked her out, her father began abusing her.

The half-sisters bond during Maddie’s visit, until Georgia discovers that A private investigator was paying Maddie to dig up information on Georgia. Their goodbye was tense and heated, but her return in Season 3 would be a great return to Season 1. It would also make sense, given that Georgia is incarcerated now and will likely face a criminal trial, in which Maddie could be called to testify.

3 More flashbacks with the younger Georgia

And with the same actress

Younger Georgia vs. Older Georgia in Ginny and Georgia

One of the most compelling parts of Ginny and Georgia They are flashbacks to Georgia’s life when she was young. Viewers witnessed how she ran away from home as a teenager to escape her stepfather’s abuse, met Ginny’s father Zion, became pregnant with Ginny at age 15, and survived alone as a teenage mother. Season 2 continued this storytelling technique, focusing primarily on Georgia’s backstory with Austin’s father, Gil.

Flashbacks are a useful tool to provide background information and key context for Georgia’s life and understand how and why she ended up where she did. Additionally, the actress who plays the teenager and young adult Georgia, Nikki Roumel is the spitting image of Brianne Howey, who plays Major Georgia.. Roumel is as convincing as a 15-year-old runaway as she is as a 19-year-old teenage mother. The flashbacks should continue in season 3 and Roumel should continue playing the younger Georgia.

2 Georgia stops playing God

Georgia seems to forget that murder is illegal

Georgia has racked up several bodies by this point: not only did she poison her last husband, Kenny, but she was also responsible for the accidental death of her first husband, Anthony. Despite Georgia’s homicidal tendencies, Ginny and Georgia Do a great job of making the viewer sympathize with her by showing them the difficult circumstances she found herself in.

However, season 2 took Georgia’s murderous streak too far. Her other victims were predators who may have deserved it, but Georgia had no right to kill Cynthia’s terminally ill husband by suffocating him with a pillow. She may have had good intentions, but the decision to end her life was not up to Georgia. It’s this most recent murder that gets Georgia arrested in the season 2 cliffhanger finale. While it would be a shame if Georgia went to prison, both for the sake of the show and for the sake of her children, someone has to stop to this woman.

1 Gil is brought to justice

Gil has his karma to come

Gil threatens Georgia in Ginny and Georgia

Not much was known about Austin’s father, Gil, in Season 1. Viewers knew that he was in prison because Georgia may or may not have framed him for fraud and embezzlement, and that Georgia forged letters from Gil to Austin in prison. There are hints that Gil is bad news, like when Georgia panics after Ginny sends him her letters because it means Gil knows where they live. However, season 2 made it very clear why Georgia wanted to keep her family away from Gil. Flashback scenes show that Gil, who once seemed like a perfect gentleman, is a violent and controlling man.

In the present, Gil (played by Aaron Ashmore) is released from prison and shows up at Wellsbury to see his son, which petrifies Georgia. Throughout season 2, Gil shows obvious signs that his abusive behavior hasn’t stopped, and it all comes to a head when he confronts Georgia about losing an apartment of hers. Georgia finally tells Paul about Gil’s behavior and they reach an agreement that prevents Gil from seeking custody of Austin if he is not reported for violating probation. While this deal is the best they can do for now, hopefully Gil will face real consequences in Ginny and Georgia for their abuses, both past and present.

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