Godzilla vs Superman Resolves How Strong the King of the Monsters Really Is

godzillaThe strength of has been officially decided amid his intense fight with Superman. For kaiju fans, Godzilla has been heralded as the King of the Monsters for decades due to his immense strength. Although he occasionally experiences defeats, he consistently comes back on top and topples the competition with feats of strength. However, it has long been debated how strong Godzilla really is, and a recent crossover with DC’s Justice League has finally provided an answer.

In a preview of Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #2 By Brian Buccellato and Christian Duce, Superman is shown trying to confront the kaiju in an effort to take the fighting away from Metropolis. However, his attempts are in vain. When Superman lands the first blow, he is quickly slammed into a building like it was nothing.

DC has already officially confirmed that the immense amount of force it would take to take down Superman without Kryptonite or a Red Sun is quite high given his power level. The fact that Godzilla is able to punch the Man of Steel like he was a fly swatter proves that he is even more powerful than DC’s greatest hero.

Godzilla is stronger than a full-powered Kryptonian

This amazing feat of strength from the King of the Monsters ultimately proves that his power level is greater than fans could have expected. He is officially stronger than Superman himself., and since he defends the hero so easily with just his tail, it can be assumed that he could take even harder beatings than that. It’s not that Superman is the definitive definition of strength in the DC Universe, as there are numerous things that can defeat him, including Cyborg Superman. However, having the ability to easily take down the Man of Steel is nothing to laugh at. This means that Godzilla is also capable of easily defeating other Kryptonians, including Supergirl and General Zod. Additionally, his strength can withstand fights against more godlike threats like Darkseid and even Doomsday, given how easily he disposed of Superman without a fight.

Godzilla’s Strength Has a Surprising Link to Superman Lore

Godzilla and nuclear man

The most interesting thing about this development is that Godzilla’s strength completely surpassing Superman may not come as a huge surprise. Love him or hate him, Nuclear Man by Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, and later brought to the official comics in 2018, was a character who managed to subdue the hero with radioactive energy injected through his nails. Godzilla actually has a surprising connection to this, given His powers come from atomic energy. It’s clear that radioactivity has an effect on Superman when harnessed in physical form, and since Godzilla’s entire being is tied to the Atomic Age after decades of nuclear bomb testing, his ability to defeat the Kryptonian was in the cards. all this time. Add in his immense size that allows him more strength and makes him a threat that Superman will never be able to handle alone.

Whatever the future holds for Godzilla’s brush with the DC Universe, it will take a lot more than a Kryptonian from Central America to send him back into the ocean. It has been officially confirmed that he has god-level strength that can easily send Superman flying across the city without breaking a sweat. godzilla has been known for years for being the strongest kaiju in existence, and his effortless battle against Superman proves that he won’t be losing his crown as King of the Monsters anytime soon.

Look for Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #2 On sale November 21st from DC Comics!

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