Golden Bachelor Fan Theory Could Reveal Which Woman Gerry Turner Chooses (Spoilers)

Now that The golden bachelor Season 1 is near the end, fans have analyzed the promotional video and think they have figured out who Gerry Turner chose. Viewers watched Gerry land in the Costa Rican paradise with his final two choices, Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist, to spend some much-needed alone time together. Gerry spent a full day and night with each of the women, trying to find out which one she can’t live without.

The response to that message may have been under The golden bachelor fans’ noses all the time. in a Facebook group for The golden bachelor Fans, a spoiler theory has been floating around indicating who Gerry chose. In the original promotional video for the hit reality show, at the 30-second mark, Ellen Goltzer is shown with her head in her hands as a voice shouts: “You made it look like you chose me!”

That voice was not Ellen’s and fans recognize it as Leslie’s. The wayward voiceover was inserted over Ellen’s scene, but it’s actually tied to what happens during the final rose ceremony.

Gerry Turner’s The Golden Bachelor Ending 2 Explained

Gerry implied after his date with Leslie, as he began his date with Theresa, that he had decided he would choose Leslie. He even told her, “You are the one”, during their date night. However, Gerry compartmentalized her feelings and opened up about the experience with Theresa, which ended up deepening her feelings for her. Given those circumstances, Gerry is able to tell Leslie what she wants to hear during the final rose ceremony, but he ultimately chooses Theresa.

Leslie’s voice is distinct and viewers have already heard her voice through screams this season. Given that, and what fans heard in the trailer, Leslie probably sounded heartbroken and won’t receive the final rose. Leslie and Gerry’s connection has been strong, and the pair seem connected through their love of adventure and Gerry’s desire to nurture Leslie’s vulnerability. With Theresa, she and Gerry have bonded over their similar pasts and the loss of their spouses. Furthermore, Gerry has said that he feels totally comfortable with Theresa.

Coming? The golden bachelor, is the final choice, which means devastation for who appears to be Leslie. Before the final rose ceremony, Leslie and Theresa will have to sit down with Gerry’s daughters, who will have sharp opinions on who should be her father’s best match. Fans should buckle up for an emotional conclusion to the groundbreaking season.

The golden bachelor It airs Thursdays at 8 pm EDT on ABC.

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