Google shows updates for new Nest Doorbell Wired, Nest Wifi Pro and Home app

Google’s Nest line of smart home products goes a step further with two additions. We inform you about all new products.

A new Google Nest doorbell with cable and Nest WiFi Pro

Google unveiled the new Nest Doorbell Wired and Nest WiFi Pro in a blog post.

Designed for homes with existing doorbell wiring, the new device automatically records an hour of important events to local memory.

You can also watch three hours of video history of events for free with clips of up to 5 minutes. With an optional Nest Aware Plus subscription, you can view up to 10 days of 24/7 video history.

The doorbell is designed with HDR technology to capture better details and without the fisheye effect you see with other doorbell cameras.

Other features include Activity Zones, two-way communication to talk to who is at the door, and the ability to differentiate between people, pets, packages, and vehicles.

It can be purchased today from Google and other sellers for $179.99. You can choose from one of four available colours.

Google Nest WiFi Pro is the company’s latest mesh network system. The system features Wi-Fi 6E that is up to twice as fast as Wi-Fi 6.

To provide you with the best possible speeds, the system continuously analyzes your network to optimize the connection and prioritize high-bandwidth activities such as video streaming.

Nest WiFi Pro fits right into a smart home and is a Thread border router and Matter hub. Learn more about what Thread means for a smart home.

Nest Wifi Pro starts at $199.99 for a single package and goes up to $399.99 for a package of three for a home of up to 6,600 square feet. You can pre-order now with the shipments arriving on October 27, 2022. Four different colors are available.

Google Home app is preparing for the case

Along with the new products, Google previewed the updated Home app. In a blog postthe company is preparing the app for the Matter standard.

Be sure to learn more about Matter and see it in action.

One of its best features is the ability to quickly pair with Matter devices. The app automatically detects the device and allows you to set it up quickly.

Other new features include a Favorites tab and an improved way to view live camera feeds.

The app will be available in public preview for Android devices in the future.

Take full advantage of the rollout of the case

If you’re a fan of the Google Home ecosystem, the two new products seem to enhance an already robust lineup.

And it’s great to see Google making great preparations for both software and hardware for Matter.

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