Grammarly Premium Cookies: A Complete Guide 2023

Grammarly Premium offers advanced writing and grammar suggestions to help you communicate clearly and effectively. While the free version is helpful, upgrading to Premium unlocks additional in-depth checks and features.Unfortunately, the subscription can get quite expensive for regular use. That’s why some people look into using Grammarly Premium Cookies to access the premium features for free instead.This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about getting Grammarly Premium Cookies and using them safely and effectively.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant created in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. The software platform, headquartered in San Francisco, helps users enhance their written communication across platforms through advanced grammar, spelling, punctuation and style suggestions.Grammarly is available as a web browser extension, desktop app and mobile keyboard for both iOS and Android. It boasts over 30 million users worldwide. The company utilizes a freemium model, offering basic grammar and spelling checking for free while more in-depth corrections and checks require a paid subscription.

Grammarly Premium Features

While the free version of Grammarly offers spelling and basic grammar corrections, upgrading to Premium provides further advanced suggestions:
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Flags overused or repetitive words and suggests context-appropriate synonyms for improving your vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • Grammatical Precision: Does an in-depth analysis of your grammar, catching complex mistakes.
  • Punctuation Accuracy: Catches wrong or missing punctuation that could confuse readers.
  • Genre-Specific Style Checks: Analyzes your tone based on what you’re writing such as casual emails vs research papers.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Scans your work against over 16 billion web pages and publications to check for unintentional plagiarism.
  • Readability Suggestions: Assesses how easy your writing is to read and provides feedback to improve clarity.
  • Fluency Corrections: Identifies awkward phrasing and provides recommendations to help your writing flow better.
  • Formality Level Checks: Ensures your tone matches the formality of the context, whether it’s a friendly message or business letter.

Grammarly Premium Pricing

Grammarly offers Premium as a subscription service billed monthly or annually. Their updated 2023 pricing is as follows:
  • Monthly Plan: $30 per month
  • Quarterly Plan: $20 per month (billed $60 every 3 months)
  • Annual Plan: $12 per month (billed $144 annually)
They offer a 7-day free trial so you can test Premium before committing to a paid plan. Students and military members can get 50% off by verifying their status.

How Do Cookies Work?

Cookies are small text files that websites place on your computer to identify your device and store data tied to your online activities. They allow sites to remember your preferences, items in your cart, login credentials and more.There are a few types of cookies:
  • Session cookies: Temporary cookies erased when you close your browser.
  • Persistent cookies: Remain on your device for a set period of time specified by the site.
  • First-party cookies: Placed by the site you are visiting directly.
  • Third-party cookies: Placed by other companies like ads or analytics services. You can block these for better privacy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Grammarly Premium Cookies

Semrush Premium Cookies work by storing the login details of an existing premium account. Here’s a quick rundown of how the process is a website that provides premium cookies that can unlock paid content on sites like Grammarly. Here is how to use to access Grammarly premium courses for free:
  1. Open your preferred web browser and go to the extensions store.
  2. Search for a cookie editor extension and install it. Popular options are EditThisCookie for Chrome or Cookie Editor for Firefox.
  3. First, you need to install an extension that allows importing and exporting cookies in your browser. For Chrome, we recommend EditThisCookie. For Firefox, try Cookie Editor.
step 1

Import the Premium Cookies

  1. After installing the cookie editor, click its icon in your browser’s toolbar to open it.
  2. Go to and copy the Grammarly premium cookie code.
  3. In your cookie editor, find the “Import” button and paste the cookie code. Click import.
step 2

step 3

Refresh Grammarly to Apply Cookies

    1. Refresh your Grammarly tab or navigate to a new page on Grammarly.
    2. The imported premium cookies from should now be applied.
    Password for Cookies Page
      Password: PSYFM 

      Using Grammarly Premium Cookies Safely

      While using shared Grammarly Premium cookies can save you money, there are some risks to weigh:
      • Account security: By using someone else’s login cookie, you are accessing Grammarly through their account rather than your own. Their personal documents and history will be visible.
      • Cookie expiration: The shared premium cookies eventually expire. You’ll have to regularly find updated cookie codes to keep your access.
      • Legal gray area: Grammarly’s Terms of Service prohibits sharing paid account access. Using shared cookies is not an intended use, so Grammarly could revoke it.
      To use cookies safely:
      • Avoid logging personal data since it will be tied to the shared account. Only use it for temporary documents.
      • Use a secondary disposable email so your identity is not linked to the shared account.
      • Frequently update cookies as old ones expire to maintain continuous premium access.
      • Don’t share cookies yourself as this violates Grammarly’s ToS. Only use read-only access.
      Here are some of the top browser extensions for managing cookies to use Grammarly Premium Cookies:
      • EditThisCookie (Chrome): Very user-friendly way to view, edit, and add cookies on any site.
      • Cookie Editor (Firefox): Similar easy cookie management as EditThisCookie but for Firefox instead of Chrome.
      • Get Cookies (Chrome): Stores cookies from all sites in an online cloud locker. Easy to import from any device.
      • Cookie Inspector (Chrome): Advanced cookie features like searching and editing JSON cookie data.
      • Cookie Manager+ (Chrome): View, edit, remove, and backup all site cookies from one dashboard.

      Why Grammarly Premium is Worth It

      Despite the extra steps of using shared cookies, a legitimate Grammarly Premium subscription is worth considering for the advanced writing feedback.Grammarly isn’t perfect, but it provides an incredible digital assistant to help you communicate ideas more clearly and powerfully. Key benefits include:
      • Saving time: Grammarly catches potentially embarrassing mistakes for you, saving hours of proofreading and edits.
      • Improving vocabulary: The vocabulary suggestions actively improve your word choices and sentence fluency over time.
      • Clear communication: Readability checks ensure your tone, vocabulary and grammar make your message clear.
      • Confidence in writing: Knowing Grammarly has reviewed your work for errors gives confidence in your writing.
      While Premium cookies provide temporary free access, the full benefits require a proper Premium account. For serious writers, the productivity boost is well worth the subscription cost. Here are some common troubleshooting tips if you have problems getting Grammarly Premium cookies to work properly:
      • Verify cookie validity: Double check that the cookie name, domain, and expiration date are correct. Invalid cookies won’t work.
      • Try a different cookie: Not all shared cookies work properly. Try getting a cookie code from another source if yours fails.
      • Enable third-party cookies: Grammarly uses third-party cookies so make sure you have these enabled in your browser privacy settings.
      • Update your browser: Old browser versions may not fully support cookie management. Update to the newest version.
      • Clear browser cache: Try clearing your cache and cookies completely before re-adding the premium ones.
      • Check your extensions: Disable other extensions temporarily as they can sometimes conflict with cookie editors.
      • Use incognito/private mode: Other browser extensions may block cookies in normal mode, so try Grammarly in incognito where extensions are disabled.
      If you can’t get Grammarly Premium cookies to work, here are a few alternative options to try instead:
      • Free trial: Sign up for Grammarly’s 7-day free Premium trial to test it out before paying.
      • Student discount: Verify you’re a student to qualify for 50% off Grammarly Premium’s normal pricing.
      • Business subscription: Some companies cover employee Grammarly Premium subscriptions. Check if yours offers this.
      • Group plan: Split the cost of a Grammarly Family plan with friends or colleagues.
      • Use free version: The free Grammarly still offers decent grammar and spelling corrections.
      • Alternative apps: Consider cheaper alternative writing apps like ProWritingAid or Hemingway Editor.

      The Risks of Using Shared Cookies

      Although using shared Grammarly Premium cookies may seem harmless, there are some notable risks:
      • Account bans: Grammarly may detect the shared cookie and ban the associated account. This could cause problems for the legitimate account owner.
      • Limited accessibility: The shared cookies could stop working at any time as they depend on someone else’s ongoing subscription.
      • Security vulnerabilities: Shared cookies mean letting others access documents on an account tied to someone else’s email.
      • Legal issues: Grammarly’s Terms of Service prohibits sharing paid account access, so using someone else’s cookie violates this agreement.
      • Limited features: Some premium features like plagiarism reports may be limited or unavailable when using a shared cookie.
      • No customer support: You won’t be able to access Grammarly customer support for issues since the account isn’t really yours.
      While the potential free premium access is enticing, it’s smarter long-term to get your own legitimate Grammarly Premium subscription.

      Grammarly Premium Cookies: Final Thoughts

      Grammarly Premium offers an advanced writing assistant to help you communicate clearly and confidently. Although you can temporarily access these premium features for free using shared login cookies, this shortcut has significant downsides:
      • The shared cookies may stop working at any time
      • It violates Grammarly’s Terms of Service
      • You miss out on full features and customer support
      • It poses potential account security issues
      Rather than relying on temporary cookie access, it’s best to either commit to the productivity benefits of a paid Grammarly Premium subscription or continue using the free version if budget is an issue.Improving your writing skills with Grammarly’s feedback is extremely valuable for both personal and professional communication. So take the time to think through whether permanent premium access is a wise investment for you rather than seeking cookie workarounds.The choice is yours – happy writing!

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