Heckler who punched Giuliani on the back can drop charges


A man accused of assault after being seen on a video of him slapping former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on the back, he accepted a deal on Wednesday to drop the charges.

According to the Richmond County District Attorney’s office, the case has been adjourned pending discharge, meaning the charges will be dropped within six months if the man stays out of trouble.

The incident took place in June, while Giuliani, 78, was at a convenience store on Staten Island in support of his son Andrew’s ultimately failed attempt to win the Republican party’s nomination for governor. Giuliani was standing with a group of people when a passing man extended his hand, touched Giuliani’s back with an open palm, then said something as he walked away.

Giuliani barely seemed to react in the video, but later said it felt “like someone shot me” or that he had been hit by a boulder. After hitting Giuliani on the back, police claimed the man said, “What’s up, motherfucker?” He was arrested and spent more than 24 hours in jail.

In a statement read in court on Wednesday, Richmond County Assistant Attorney Darren Albanese said the man “violated a fundamental social contract, which is a lesson we learn when we’re young — keep your hands to yourself. ” But the prosecutor said it would be “extremely difficult” to prove in court that the man has caused or intends to cause physical harm.

Susan Platis, an attorney at the Staten Island Trial Bureau of the Legal Aid Society who represented the man, said he has no criminal record and “has not committed any criminal act, and this outcome, which will ultimately dismiss the case in its entirety, reflects that reality.”

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A message was left on Wednesday at an email address listed for Giuliani and a lawyer who regularly represents him.

Giuliani, a Republican, served as mayor from 1994 to 2001 and received high praise for his leadership after 9/11. utilities suspended from exercising the lawhe served as the personal attorney for former President Donald Trump and took a leading role in contesting the results of Trump’s 2020 election loss.