How can I cancel my StockX order

Buying sneakers and accessories from StockX is a great way to ensure quality items. StockX really goes out of their way to authenticate everything and only accepts products in deadstock condition.

But with that guarantee comes a lot of rules about how you sell and buy through StockX. This also means that once you have ordered an item on StockX, you cannot cancel it. This may seem unfair, especially if you’ve made a mistake.

But there’s a reason StockX doesn’t just give you that option. But are there exceptions? And what to do after you have received your order?

Why StockX won’t cancel your order

When your offer or question is accepted on StockX, your order will be created automatically. When you created your StockX account, you entered all your information, including payment method and billing information.

So at the same time, the seller is notified of the purchase and you receive confirmation of your order. StockX created this system to maintain the integrity of the market.

The company must do this if they want customers and sellers to buy into its ethos. If someone can cancel a bid because they changed their mind or because they are chasing a higher price, it disrupts the way StockX does business.

When you buy something on StockX, the seller and StockX expect the process to continue. So the lack of a “Cancel order” function on the purchase page makes sense. That’s why StockX asks you several times to confirm your order before completing the purchase yourself.

How to cancel a StockX order

Are there exceptions?

The StockX rule about no cancellations ensures that each party participating in the bidding process has a clear intent to proceed. But is there anything to do with accidental purchases?

What if you want a particular pair of shoes, but chose the wrong size? Or were your fingers too fast and now you expect an order that you can’t pay?

Well, your best chance is to contact StockX directly. If you make your case convincingly, there’s a chance they’ll let you go free—even if just for once. But there are no guarantees.

You can write a sincere letter to their support team and hope for the best. And if you’re more comfortable with a shorter and more public plea, you can tweet them with the @stockx handle.

You should also contact them if the seller has not shipped the product when it was intended to. StockX guidelines require sellers to ship an item within two business days. Next, it’s up to StockX to perform an authentication process.

However, if the seller doesn’t ship it, you can contact StockX support and ask them to cancel your order. Chances are they will agree. The seller will then have to pay a fine or even have their StockX account suspended.

Cancel StockX order

What to do with the wrong order?

If you were unable to cancel your order on StockX by explaining your situation to their support, that’s too bad. But not all is lost. Since you bought StockX, you have the guarantee of authentication and quality.

This allows you to quickly resell sneakers or other items. And who knows, you might even be able to recoup the money you spent on shipping. You can use StockX to put them on sale and see if you can get a better price.

You could also sell them on other websites, but don’t forget to mention that you have the StockX tag for authentication to prove the item is deadstock. If you’ve only bought on StockX and never sold anything, you may be concerned about the process.

But StockX makes everything easy. You don’t have to take pictures or write witty descriptions. All you have to do is browse and select from the extensive catalog of items.

Then you can post a Question or Sell Now; that’s up to you. You can even decide how many days you want your item to be on sale. When that time has passed, StockX will notify you and ask if you want to renew.

Cancel my StockX order

Gently press the “Buy” button

It’s easy to get carried away on StockX. There are so many fantastic shoes, hats, bags, watches and collectibles available. And everything is in pristine condition and comes in an original box. But ‘buyer regret’ is real and you can panic after a purchase.

If you’re sure you can’t afford an item, or you just made a mistake, rush to the StockX Twitter pager or email their support. And then just sit back and hope for the best.

Have you ever wanted to cancel an order on StockX? Let us know in the comments below.

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