‘How do people not know this????’: Former housekeeper of over 8 years shares hack for cleaning your shower

'How do people not know this????': Former housekeeper of over


Today, showers are stocked with a variety of accessories. Loofahs, shampoos, conditioners, leftover travel bottles you promised yourself to use but could never actually empty—all of the above can lead to a stuffed and, understandably, hard to clean shower.

However, a popular cleaning service TikToker shared their tip for shower cleaning, and it involves a plastic waste bin.

In a video with 1.2 million views, TikTok’s self-proclaimed “Queen of Cleaning” Vanesa shares a valuable tip. Instead of simply dumping the bottles on the floor or moving them to the sink, Vanesa advises her 5.5 million followers to pick up a small plastic webbed basket from the Dollar Store (or Target,” spark plug”).

“Now take everything and just put it in, like that,” she demonstrates. “So simple and easy.”

“Now you take out the basket and now you can clean!” Vanesa, who claims to have been a housekeeper for more than eight years, decides.

@vanesamaro91 Next time you’re cleaning your shower… try this 😉#cleaningtiktok #cleantok #Adam Levine ♬ original sound – Vanesa Amaro ♥️

At first, many commenters were surprised that other users hadn’t discovered this for themselves.

“Again, how do people not know this?” one user asked.

“I can’t believe this is a video,” added another.

“Am I the only one who already did this?” a third questioned.

However, many commenters said they never considered the tip, thanking Vanesa for the advice while admitting they had their previous shampoo stash spots.

“So simple, but I’ve never thought about that!” a user wrote.

“It’s definitely just going to be on the floor until I’m done,” said a second.

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Other users gave tips themselves.

“Extend that basket (even a tray would work) to all areas of the house so as not to make a million trips to clean/organize one area,” one commenter advised. “Very good tip!”

“I do this, but I also spray everything (that isn’t open or exposed) with bleach spray and rinse everything in the basket because they get dirty too,” an additional TikToker added.


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